Those Huge Eggs

Remember those big eggs I’ve been getting?  The largest so far weighed 3.2 ounces.  Oh, they’re so nice!  When I stand on my tippy toes and peer over into the laying boxes and see those huge eggs, my heart is very glad.  I wanted chickens and fresh eggs of my own for so long!  I know my chickens are working extremely hard to give me those nice, often double yolkers.  I’m so proud of them.  In my mind, they’re laying so nicely because they’re happy, well cared for and because they like me a lot.  In my mind, every day they’re thankful that they came to live with us!  🙂

So imagine my surprise Sunday morning when I crept out to the chicken coop, just barely after daylight, after having slept only about 4 hours.  My family was still sleeping and my intent was to crawl back into bed as soon as I let the chickens out, gathered eggs and walked the visiting puppy.  That didn’t happen . . the crawling back in bed part.


Can you see how small that rascal is?  Look at it in the egg carton; the carton which usually will not even close because the eggs are too big.


When I was getting ready to fix Chad an egg, I told him I had a special egg for him.  He said “Is it a huge one?”  I showed it to him!


Then I cracked it and . . it wasn’t right!  Not exactly sure what went wrong but something was wrong with that egg and I hope I don’t get any more like that.




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    Glenda says

    Judy, that is most likely a first egg for someone. A lot of times the first eggs don’t have a yolk. Is that what was wierd ? The eggs get bigger the more they lay. Now that doesn’t mean you’ll get triple yolks though ! LOL Just that the small ones WILL get larger. Glenda

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      Nope, wasn’t a first egg. Our brown egg layers have been laying for a long time. Green egg layers have all been laying for a while too.

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    Linda says

    Sometimes things just go wrong…………..even with chicken “babies.”

    Love the look on Chad’s face as he holds that egg up!!! Probably thought you and the chickens were putting him on an enforced diet!! LOL

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    Kathleen S. says

    I’ve heard that if the shell is smooth, and not egg-textured, there’s a problem. Was this the case?

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    Interesting. Hard to imagine there would be such a huge difference in size. Hopefully this is just a fluke and you won’t encounter it again.

  5. 9


    Yes, I believe that you are right……you have very happy chickens who are very well cared for and Loved (at least for thier eggs!) and they are very happy to live with you!

    Do you have any banty chickens? I used to get little small eggs from them. Aracana’s gave us green eggs……..
    What type do the brown ones come from?
    It was so long ago I can’t seem to remember.

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    Rebecca says

    What coincidental timing! I just had an egg that “wasn’t right” from the store. It may have been the first one. I was so afraid of “rotten egg” smell that I threw it down the disposal before I really saw what was going on. There was no smell, but that egg was not normal. Just what happens with nature sometimes.

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    Bobbie says

    Do you have a rooster-oh yeah, I think I remember something like you talking about a red rooster.Could that eggs been fertilized and the hen setting on it for a while? Thtas why, I need to have my eggs candled when buying from a “egg seller.” I just about keel over dead if I crack a fertilized egg–I akways break my eggs in a little bowl, so I’ll know. Hugs, Bobbie