Quilt Mobiles

Vicky always called her vehicle the “Quilt Mobile”.   While Elaine and I were out shop hopping last week, we came across this vehicle in the parking lot of a quilt shop. Notice all the camo trim.  Chad would love this truck and I forgot to show him the pictures.


Snapped a picture of the license plate too.  White tail deer I guess.


Not the vehicle we normally see in the quilt shop parking lots, huh?



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    Karla says

    Her car probably needed something fixed on it and she was making sure it got done! 🙂 (I’ll just borrow your truck, honey, till you get that little problem taken care of…)

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    We actually DID see not one, but TWO “Quilty Cars” (to be fair, one was a PT Cruiser and one was a minivan… both lager than your average car) this summer at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Festival! The cars themelves weren’t quilted, but the ladies who owned them – from Washington State I think – and their guilds, had made complete covers for the cars… all patchwork and applique! The van’s jacket was in three pieces (very heavy, a quilt the size of a CAR); the Cruiser was smaller and only needed two pieces. The ladies we spoke to said the cars could be dressed up to drive in parades and at appear at quilt “Functions”. Beautiful work the guilds did to make these unique quilts to help spread the word.

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    We saw camo on a truck here in Ca too. My husband wanted to do it to my truck. (At the time I had a car and a truck.) I told him to ask his next wife if she would be okay with it since this one isn’t.