Bridges & Quilt Shops

Elaine can sniff out a quilt shop.  It doesn’t matter where she goes . . what town, what state . . she knows where every quilt shop is located.  If she ever gets to that quilt shop, then she will remember the directions to the shop for the rest of her life.  But . . this shop, her sniffer didn’t locate it!

I was driving down the interstate and saw a sign for it.  Then we had to stop and ask directions and use the Blackberry to find the street address, then the GPS to find the building.  Elaine’s sniffer must have been worn out after all those quilt shops she’d already visited. It was Country Expressions Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsville, MO, which was a Quilt Sampler Magazine Top Ten Shop in 2008.


Speaking of falling down on the job, Elaine is the designated driver for all bridges.  Coming home, I knew there was a bridge on 435 in Kansas City near Cabela’s because I’d crossed it recently.  Vince had told me a while back that there was no way I could drive over the 435 bridge but I just loved proving he was wrong . . because I did drive across it and I was ok to do it again.

So, I’m driving along and Elaine and I were talking and all of a sudden we came up on a different bridge!  A big, scary bridge!  Panic set in and I said “WHAT’S THIS?”  It was just a big flat bridge without any overhead structures and Elaine didn’t realize I couldn’t drive over those type bridges. She was looking around saying “Where?  What? I don’t see anything!”  I’m saying “THIS!!  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?”  We were halfway across it before she realized we were on a bridge and I was about to lose my sanity.  I made it but I won’t drive across that one again.  Vince was right . . darn it!

I sure wish I could get over this crazy bridge fear!



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    I never gave a second thought to bridges but have gotten worse about them in recent years. Tunnels bother me, too…especially those that have two-way traffic in them (like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel that has 2-way traffic that is permitted to go at a high rate of speed, too……not even a reduced speed rate in effect inside their tunnels on that road).

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    Hmmmm…..we’re going to be in Tonganoxie, KS this w/e. Wonder if I can talk Bob into making a side trip on the way home. It’s not exactly on the way but……I’ll have to give this some thought.
    I’m not fond of bridges either, especially if I hit heavy traffic and have to stop in the middle of the bridge – that sends me into panic mode. Tunnels are even worse – especially the ones that go under water. I think it must be the idea of going into the water that scares me more than the bridge itself. Wonder where that fear originated.

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    Melanie says

    You finally made it into my territory! Kathy opened right about the time that I closed my store. She even hired one of my best employees! I have heard great things about the shop and you were fortunate to have spotted the sign. I drive by the shop every day on my way to and from work!

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    There are 2 things that bother me about bridges; one is when I have to stop in the middle and I can feel the movement from other cars or trucks. The other is when there’s construction and they make the lanes too narrow. I’m very nervous.

    Here in the Northeast, they have roads called parkways. They were constructed back in the 30s. They’re very narrow, very winding and don’t have shoulders. There is NO place to pull over and people speed through areas where there are rock walls verging on the road. I literally have panic attacks when we have to go on one and I’m not driving. If I’m behind the wheel, I can control the car. If I’m in the passenger seat, I’m constantly jumping to one side to avoid everything and apologizing to DH Mike.

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    Elaine says

    Aww Judy, I’m still real sorry about that dang bridge! But, hey, you DID it!! And we both lived, and we got home safe and sound. I promise, cross my heart, that I won’t ever fall down on my job again! And as for my sniffer, I just think that it’s rubbed off on you because you’re the one who sniffed out that shop, and aren’t you glad you did? It was a great shop and I bet we’ll be stoppin’ there again someday, AFTER we get across that dang bridge!

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    Glad you found the quilt shop. Sorry about the bridge.

    I don’t like bridges and when I worked in Plymouth I had to cross the Sagamore twice a day. Not much as bridges go but it was a road going over water…… Thought that would take care of the bridge issue but it did not.

    It doesn’t help that when Lem is driving he is also looking out to see if there are any boats on the water……. I just put my head down and keep my eyes closed.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    In this morning’s paper there is a column – The Informer.
    It is one of those columns that someone writes in a question and The Informer answers it. This morning the question is – What is the height of the Port Arthur Rainbow Bridge and the height of the I-10 bridge in Lake Charles?
    To make this brief………. all of these above the water………
    The Rainbow Bridge – 176 ft
    Veterans Memorial Bridge – 143 ft
    Lake Charles Interstate 10 Bridge – 135 ft
    I-210 Bridge – 143 ft.

    For your readers, Judy is quite familiar with these bridges. I also hate these bridges and will do what I can to avoid them. It seems like the state is constantly working on the ones in Lake Charles. They are only 2 lane bridges (one way) and so then the traffic goes down to one lane. Without a doubt you are going to be stuck somewhere on the bridge. It is scary…………….

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      Thank you so much! Just yesterday I was reading that they’re wanting to build the new I-10 bridge about 75′ tall and I meant to look up the height of the current bridge and totally forgot. I remember that old Rainbow Bridge and I hated that thing. I would have bet my bottom dollar that I-10 was taller than I-210. Does it seem like it to you?

      You should’ve lived there when there was no 210 bridge. It was I-10 or go through Moss Bluff and the old 171 bridge was terrible!!!

      My first car was a stick shift and I can’t tell you how many times I sat on top of that I-10 bridge when there were accidents and tried to keep from rolling back into the car either in front of me or behind me. Never had one tinge of fear back then!

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    A.M. says

    I seem to have developed a fear of bridges over the years. I guess it goes along with my loathing of tunnels!!

    So this summer I was driving up north in Michigan approaching the Mackinac Bridge. I told my husband I would stop just before the bridge and let him drive.
    Guess what!
    Lots of construction and NO PLACE to pull off the road.
    So I drove across the bridge!! One does what the situation calls for. Next time I will stop about 10 miles back!!

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    Some bridges bother me but most of them don’t. That is unless you have to stop. We have only one bridge here and that’s the Ambassador Bridge that links Canada and the US. So the only time you have to go over it is when you are going to do a little cross border shopping. I usually take the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and only take the bridge if there is too much traffic.

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    Darn, I wish I knew you were at Stewartsville. I work in St. Joseph, soooooo close, yet so far!!
    Trish in Kansas.. and sometimes in Missouri!

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    Linda says

    You’ve made it over a couple of bridges now so I’d say your bridge fear is easing up a little. There may be a moment of panic but you keep going. That’s all it takes.