Quilt for an Hour

Before we start the next Quilt for an Hour project, let me just get the “ugliness” out of the way.  Last time we did one, we had a bit of a copyright problem . . or two.  I detest having to deal with conflict and therefore, I almost made a decision to never do another project like this on the blog but I enjoy it and some of you enjoy it and that’s enough for me to do it again.

Copyright Issue #1:  The quilt is made up of very simple blocks.  These blocks have been around forever.  I didn’t invent these blocks.  The sashing/border layout is my own.  If you’ve seen a similar quilt . . I didn’t copy it, nor did I copy anyone’s instructions.

Copyright Issue #2:  The instructions and diagrams are my own.  They are not to be copied or reproduced in any form.  Please do not save all the steps and compile them into one document and pass that out to your friends or fellow quilters.  Please direct anyone interested in the pattern to my blog.

Other things you need to know:

  1. This is mostly a stash quilt.  I’ll give you the fabric requirements for the background, accent and border fabrics.  The other fabrics you’ll need should come from your stash.  The more variety of fabrics you use, the less you’ll need from each fabric.  Fat quarters will work, 2-1/2″ strips will work.
  2. Instead of having you cut and label all your fabric before we start the project, I’ll give you the cutting instructions with each step.  That way, if you don’t finish the project, you haven’t cut up you fabric, or if you don’t want to do the borders I’ve suggested, you haven’t cut all the fabric.  The cutting time is not included in the one hour time frame.
  3. Instructions are posted on weekdays only.  If you want to keep up with the group, catch up on the weekends with whatever steps you didn’t complete during the week.
  4. The quilt measures 63″ x 81″ but it’s very simple to make it larger.
  5. The quilt has 8 borders.  My feeling is that you need all 8 of them to achieve the desired look of the quilt but feel free to leave off any border you choose.
  6. Over on my sidebar, I’ve added a Quilt for an Hour sub-title and will try to keep the steps listed there so they can easily be found.
  7. I will continue to post other things on my blog during this project so you may have to dig a little to find the posts but they will be posted each weekday morning.
  8. This is a 12 hour project so if we start Monday, we’ll finish on October 6.

You are welcome to make as many quilts as you’d like using this pattern . . keep them, sell them, donate  them.  Later today I’ll show the quilt and give you the yardage amounts for the background, accent and border fabrics.



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    I wasn’t going to do another online quilt for a while, because I have so much going on already. Then you mentioned “scraps”. Boy, do I have scraps!!! I feel myself getting very weak…

  2. 4

    Julie says

    I wasn’t going to do this quilt either, but now you have me intrigued!!! I’ll be joining you. You get me in soooooo much “trouble”, Judy! All these fun quilts, first pair of socks to be knit from the pattern you told me. What next? LOL I love your blog and your enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  3. 9


    I had a feeling to check over here on your blog to see if you had posted it yet… 😉 and I was sorta right. I’ll be back tonight to take a look 😉

    Will you be posting them under the tab at the top labeled “quilting”?? have you ever had a Mr. Linky for the Hour a Day quilts?? just currious as I love clicking in on everyone to see their progress..

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Ye gods. My 2.5″ strip tub is overflowing and then some…probably mediums and darks/saturated colors. Not too many (not enough?) lights. Were you listening to me last night when I said, “Jeez; I have *got* to do something about those; they’re falling out of the tub.” ??? [“Twilight Zone” music…]

    “Quilt for an Hour”: is the idea to quilt 1 hour each day Monday => Friday? I just haven’t seen this phrase before on the blog. Then again, I only “found” the blog in April or so, right when you were finishing Bears in the Barn (?) and before the little baby chickens came to live with you.

    Thank you! Sounds like it’ll be fun!

  5. 16


    OK, Judy… I’m ready to start! After al, it is “only” an hour, right??! (More than that for me, but BEARS was so much fun to have finished, I’m ready to go again!)