An Auction

I’m not sharing a lot of details because I don’t have a lot of details but when I do, I’ll ask for permission to post those details here.

Just a little over a year ago, Hurricane Ike devastated southeast Texas.  Because I’m from Lake Charles, LA, which is the very southwest corner of Louisiana, southeast Texas will always be my neighbor.  Well, they weren’t always my neighbor because for a couple of years I lived in southeast Texas and then southwest Louisiana was my neighbor.  Why can’t I just say what I need to say without getting off track?  You should try carrying on a real life conversation with me.  It isn’t easy.

So . . Hurricane Ike hit and did terrible damage.  A fellow blogger lives in the area.  We’ve never met but that’s her fault because  you know that nothing is ever my fault!  🙂   Once I was in Lake Charles and attended a quilt show.  My internet friend . . let’s call her Bonnie (because that’s her real name! 🙂 ) was going to come to Lake Charles for the show and call me when she got there but then she got nervous about calling me and didn’t!  Don’t you agree it’s not my fault we’ve never met?

Oh, goodness . . I’m off track again.  I’ll do better . . maybe!

There was a library in the devastated area that was just wiped out and had to be rebuilt and re-stocked.  I offered to donate a quilt to be raffled or sold or auctioned or whatever . . to help them raise money.  They are just now getting to the point where they can deal with the quilt.  I got out three quilts and sent pictures and they can decide which, if any, of these three they would like.

Though your vote doesn’t really count (kinda sounds like real life sometimes, huh?), which one of these three would you think would be best for a library fund raiser in a small town in southeast Texas?

Quilt #1

Quilt #1

Quilt No. 1 is 78″ x 96″, probably has Quilters Dream poly batting . . it’s very soft!  Is quilted with a panto.

Quilt #2

Quilt #2

This quilt is big and I really like it and was tempted not to give it away but heck, there are more quilts here than I’ll ever use.  I had taken this one with me to work on in 2005 when my friend and I had gone to the Nashville APQS Expo and planned to stay a few days and sew and I had to have kidney stone surgery while there.  This quilt reminds me of kidney stones so I should probably hope they choose it.  It’s 84″ x 102″ and quilted with Baptist Fans and probably Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting.

Quilt #3

Quilt #3

This quilt is kinda small and could be used as a wall hanging.  It already has a hanging sleeve.  It is custom quilted.  Lots of feathers.  It is 58″ x 74″.  This pattern was in American Quilter in 2005 with a pieced border but the version without a pieced border is online for everyone here.

So . . which one do you think . . #1, #2 or #3?



  1. 1

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    I vote for quilt # 2 because it is bigger and will probably get higher bids. It is beautiful! The colors are so peaceful. They are all beautiful quilts and your generosity will certainly benefit that area.

  2. 2

    Marilyn says

    All three are just beautiful.

    My vote: #2 because the colors are more neutral.. #3 could hang in a children’s corner or area. It will probably depend which colors would complement the library.

    PS – made a huge port of your spaghetti sauce yesterday..Delicious. Froze the leftovers!

  3. 4

    Judy in Michigan says

    My vote is for #2 because the colors said Louisiana to me but then the quilt is for Texas, so what do I know. I just like it the best and if I were to buy chances on a quilt, I would want a BIG one.

  4. 6

    Glenda says

    My vote is 2 also. Just think, if you give it away you will remove all ‘stone ‘ reminders. LOL Your work is beautiful, they will get a lovely quilt no matter which one they choose, Glenda

  5. 8


    Is it a raffle. an auction or a silent auction? If it’s a silent auction, I would donate quilt #3. If it’s a raffle or an auction, I would donate quilt #2.

  6. 9


    Assuming that the people bidding or buying tickets are local people and not necessarily quilt collectors, I would choose #2. I think this one would appeal to the quilt collectors as well as the people simply wanting a pretty blanket. The first one is too pink for the general audience and the second one too small. Just my opinion though. You could always make a new one with blocks based on book titles!

  7. 10


    I’d choose 1. I would spend money on it because of the colors, and I am NOT a pink person. It would work great on a little girl’s bed.

  8. 12

    Tricia says

    I like quilt #1 the best but I think they will pick quilt #3-maybe because it is “softer” looking?

  9. 13

    peggy says

    For an auction I would pick #2. On the other hand # 1 is very appealing. Does this seem like an unfair question to ask us who love “all” quilts? Am I sounding like Judy now?

  10. 15


    #2 speaks Texas to me. It’s big like Texas, too! 🙂 I like the hearts, though, too. Big-hearted like Texans and your gesture! But they are all lovely! 🙂 Ugh! Decisions, decisions!

    Lemme see . . . what about short straw wins?


  11. 18

    bettina says

    i think all three so there will be more chances for more people to love your quilts and make money for the library

  12. 22


    I was going to be original and say # 2. They are all special, but I think #2 would have the widest appeal. You have a big heart, Judy!

  13. 23


    For some reason, the colors in #2 say Texas to me, also. (I know they say “kidney stones” to you, Judy.) Also…it is nice to have a BIG quilt go up in an auction. This was nice of you to donate this for them. You are very good-hearted.

  14. 27


    Mi voto es *2 por el tamaño, los colores y porque esos bloques me encantan.
    De todas formas amiga, el *3 tambien llamo a mis ojos se ve maravilloso.
    Su generosidad es inmensa. la felicito por estar siempre pensando en los demás.

  15. 28


    I love #1 so if you don’t send that to auction you can send it to my house! I’d probably go with #2 as it would fit my bed.

  16. 32

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    My vote is #2. Think Texas bluebells! Besides, you don’t want to be reminded of painful kidney stones everytime you look at it:-) It would also raise more funds.

  17. 33

    dawn says

    I love em all. do we havta pick?
    before I read the comments I also chose # 2.
    they are all gorgeous and would all fit the bill. If they dont pick # 2 I will take it off your hands as I too had those nasty kidney stones. they are not fun. mine passed without surgery but WOW. Dont I deserve the quilt? huh? huh?
    Dawn in MA

  18. 34

    peggy says

    I started out thinking #1. I LOVE IT. Then I decided all the comments about size are correct. #2 will be the most practical to send.

  19. 43

    Donna says

    Well, like so many before me, #2 is my pick. Mainly because it’s gender neutral. The design is bold and striking. I like to bold design of #1, but not in pink.

    You’re so generous!

  20. 47


    I guess #2 would have more universal appeal. Personally, I love #1 — I see the design first and the pink second. Is that a pattern for sale?

  21. 51

    Darlene S says

    Judy, I like #2 best followed by either 1 or 3. I think 2 would appeal to more people, therefore bring in more money. Just my humble opinion. They are all beautiful. Dar

  22. 53


    I guess I’m in the minority. . .but I would pick #3.

    I’ve never been to Texas (but I have been to New Orleans, LA & Biloxi, MS. . if that counts) so I don’t know what colors would represent Texas.

    #3 would still work as a sofa throw & the pattern of hearts seems to fall into the reason for the raffle/auction. . . for the love of community, love of reading, etc.

  23. 54

    Deb says

    I would have to pick #2 also, but I love the pattern of #1, just not the colors. Not a pink fan, but that is just me. All are great-again.

  24. 57

    Evelyn says

    They are all so pretty, but that #2 just jumps right out of the computer screen and makes you take a 2nd look. I really like the pieced 9 patch border on that one too – very subtle but effective! Cheers! Evelyn

  25. 58


    To help a library?… Hmmmm…….

    Maybe two and three………You can keep one….. After all it is for a good cause and you did say you had lots of quilts…..

    Why don’t I send one of mine? I don’t have any finished that aren’t being used right now……….. I have lots of tops though..

  26. 59

    pdudgeon says

    I’m going with number 2 as well.
    Good size and interesting pattern. makes you take a second look.

  27. 60

    Jean Foglein says

    Hi I pick #2 – although I love #1 its pink and not a lot of men will buy tickets on it … or on the hearts …

    #2 would appeal to both ….

  28. 61

    Mary Lea says

    Hi Judy, I like all three but I would have to vote for #2. I really like the pattern of number 1 so hopefully you will use it on your blog sometime and I will be able to make it. I have that same fabric in #3 and now I know what to do with it:o)

  29. 64

    KatieQ says

    I love them all, but number 2 is my choice. I like that it has a story to go with it, but I don’t think a quilt named “Kidney Stones,” would go over big at a library fundraiser.

  30. 66

    Norma says

    I vote for #1. I love the soft pinks and yellow. I think men would buy the tickets so they could give it to their wives. And because it’s for a great cause.

    A friend’s husband won the ASG’s auction of an American Girl doll with 60 outfits made by the guild. He wanted that doll/outfits for his granddaughter.

  31. 67

    Sarahe4e says

    I would chose #3 because it has hearts and the name of the quilt could be I
    Heart Books or For the Love of Books and Quilts. I like them all. Beautiful work Judy.

  32. 69

    Lurking Linda says

    Just a question–a small town isn’t going to bring in all that much money–especially if they’re recovering from Ike. Why don’t you run a raffle quilt on your blog (or get Bonnie to do it on hers?) You have a huge audience and I know I for one would “buy” a ticket or five and send the money through paypal!!!

  33. 70

    D Seals says

    #3 looks like hearts. After all SE Texas and SW Louisiana have been thru in recent years, they need all the love they can get. We know because we live in Houston and had a ringside seat to Katrina, Rita, and Ike. Lake Charles and the Beaumont area suffered a lot without much assistance from Fema. Thank you for doing this for them. All 3 quilts are beautiful.

  34. 71


    With 71 comments I almost didn’t leave one but since we’re friends, I know you want my opinion in spite of all the others you’ve received……#2 definitely!