A Letter to my Dad

Dear Dad:

Please send money! I have been a very good daughter!  I have made you several quilts.  First, I made you a stack & whack quilt with pin up girls.


You never use it!  If you don’t know where it is, I think it’s folded and in the cabinet at the end of the love seat.

Then I made you the green cat quilt.


You never use it either.  I don’t blame you too much . . with all those buttons, it’s probably not real snuggly.

Then I made you a quilt for you bed.


You’re not  using it.  I don’t know where you put it.  I don’t think I saw it when I was there.

So, I’m making you another one.  And I’m going to keep making them til you use one!  And, if you don’t hurry up and use one, your house will soon look like my house . . full of quilts!

This is the one you’re getting next!  The borders aren’t added yet but it’s going to be big enough . . 94″ x 112″.


And I’m using flannel for the backing.  Flannel with chickens.  One chicken has a crown . . kinda like the Queen!  Remember when the Queen had a fire at the castle?   I thought backing fabric with two chickens . . one with a crown and one without a crown (me) might be appropriate!


How many quilts will I have to make before you use one of them?  Please say four is the magic number! 🙂



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    Maybe your dad thinks the quilts are too smart to be used. I gave my neighbor a quilt to put on her bed and she stuck it in a drawer because she is scared that her dogs will ruin it if they sleep on it. Some people don’t get it that quilts are made to be used.

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    Evelyn says

    With the other color way I couldn’t think of a name, but as soon as I saw this color way I thought right away – Tuscan Tiles! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. 3


    I think he probably is afraid of spilling something on them or otherwise ruining them…so he keeps them folded up in a safe place. So…I don’t think four will be the magic #…that one will be folded up and stored safely, too. LOL

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    Carol says

    I’ve been waiting to see how you would use chicken fabric. It’s so cute and so you! Love the colors of your latest creation. I agree with the others, your dad’s probably afraid something will happen to your quilts if he uses them. Too bad.

  5. 5


    I must be the lucky one……..my Dad uses the quilt I made for him. I chicken back is priceless……I hope you get lucky this time and he uses it (and the others too).


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    bettina says

    love the quilts especially the green cat one …if dad wants to part with it i would gladly use it

  7. 8


    Love this quilt! Its a keeper. Surely he will use this one! Or at least put it somewhere where he will get to enjoy all the fun colors!

  8. 10

    Robin says

    My parents would never use anything either- clothes still in the closet/drawer and never worn, food I sent one year for Christmas that I wound up throwing away, etc.

  9. 11


    I know where you’re coming from! I made my dad a quilt, my mom used it more than he did. I made my dad another quilt – in Christmas fabric. They pull it out for Christmas, but don’t USE it very much.

    But Dad told me that he really wanted a “4×8 feet quilt”. I made one, and it was actually 60×98 inches… but close enough! The thing that makes the quilt highly desired and fought over is the fleece I used on the back. It feels warm and cuddly, everybody wants to use it. I’m pretty sure during the cold months, my dad has to say “hey! That’s my quilt.” on a daily basis to who ever is borrowing it. 🙂

    That quilt has also been carted to a couple of states now. Even in July! Apparently it makes a great car snuggle quilt too. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s the fleece on the back that they can’t keep their hands off of.

    Oh yeah, I also did the same to my husband’s winter quilt. Fleece on the back, thickest batting I could find. Currently resides on couch. Yesterday when I was working on another quilt’s binding, my husband asked if he “would be getting his quilt back now?” Not that he’s ready to use it quite yet… but fleeced backed quilts are highly prized in my family. 😉

    I was scared at first to send something so thick through the machine. My first fleeced backed quilt had no batting. The machine handled it with no problems, because fleece doesn’t resist being needled. Now my biggest problems when working with fleece is to work my muscles up to fit half of the quilt into my 7.75 inches of throat space. Ugh! 😛

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    Cindy says

    Maybe your dad is like me: one of the few people on the planet who doesn’t like to sleep under a quilt. Too dang heavy!

  11. 13


    I love that you’re making your dad another quilt. My dad passed away the year before I “discovered” quilting, so it’s like one of the extra quilts you’ve made for your dad represents one I would have made for my dad. That made more sense in my head than it does typed into a comment…but make your dad quilts while you can, whether he uses them or not; quilts represent love.

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    ewellette says

    Better start one with colors that your mom likes, she probally won’t let him leave his quilts out to use.

  13. 15


    Funny: I am making my mother a 4th quilt and she hasn’t used any of them either. She says she is keeping them so they don’t get ruined. “Keeping them for what?”, I say, “You are 87.” I figure I will get them all back and then I will have quite a pile of quilts. lol

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    Please don’t tell my Dad that your Dad has four quilts he’ll have a cow. I’ve made him two, one is in his motorhome and the other he swears I made for his dog Doodle. I explain that while Doodle sleeps under the quilt it is not his but Dad insist that he needs a quilt to call his own.

  15. 18


    Even if he doesn’t use the quilts, I’m sure he treasures them, Judy, because *you* made them. He might be like my grandmother, who put all her good things away because they were “too nice to use.”

  16. 19


    Dear Judy’s Dad,

    I love the quilts that Judy has made you and will offer you a fishing trip into the high country in exchange for any of the quilts. And I will even throw in a trail ride on my most gentle horse if you bring two.

    Your new Best Friend

  17. 20


    I can’t believe your Dad didn’t have that latest one on his bed when you were there! *Gasp!* I think your gonna have to hunt it down and put it on there for him Judy.

    Freeze Frame will be a great one for him – love the backing you’ve chosen for that quilt – it will remind him of you and your chickens 😉

    Now I’m curious… What have you made for your mother?

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie