Staying on Track

That’s me!  Starting one job and sticking with it til I’m totally finished.  Maybe that’s not quite true!

Friday night I was sewing on the larger Quilt for an Hour quilt.  My goal was to get 50 border blocks made.  25 done/25 to go.  Time for a break. Sat down at the computer, check email, make sure I’m not missing anything.  Somehow, I ended up on Happy Zombie’s blog . . specifically this post!  How cute!  Had to make one.  Elaine’s mom loves frogs and I have several frog fabrics.  I might get to see Elaine’s mom next week so I made this for her.

DSC08182Isn’t that just so cute?  I actually didn’t make it right (never could follow instructions) so mine is wider and shorter than it should be but only by 1-1/4″ so . . who cares.  Don’t tell Elaine’s mom and she’ll never know.


Frog fabric for the pocket and lining.  Should bring a smile to Elaine’s mom’s face . . I hope so.

Still have 25 border blocks done and 25 blocks to go!  🙂



  1. 1

    Evelyn says

    Sometimes you just need a fun little finish to carry on with a larger project. It is very cute! Cheers! Evelyn

  2. 5

    Becky R says

    The frog bag is darling. You didn’t make it wrong – you made it your way.

    I have a question about the quilt project starting Monday. I found the fabrics I want to use but they are in a jelly roll so they are 2 1/2″ wide. I’m hoping they will work. At least the blocks appear to be strips so if your strips are wider, then my blocks will be smaller and therefore my quilt will be as well. Well, maybe they will be as tall or long but not as wide – so they will be more rectangles. What do you think Judy?

  3. 7

    Bobbie says

    Thanks for getting my sewing juices back going again–honestly, I haven’t felt like doing nada, nothing, moping around, feeling sorry fir myself–thats probably got it covered. But I love frogs too-just coppied a big fat frog pattern I’m going to buttonhole stitch on the pooch bag and have something to carrt a new project in-a bag for a new sweater I’m wanting to knit-of course it will probably just hold one skein at a time-thats o.k.-Now to get in there and get the bag made. Thanks Judy!! Hugs Bobbie