The Library Ladies Have Spoken

I believe the library ladies did read at least some of your comments so maybe your votes did count . . a little bit.  They have chosesn #2.

Quilt #2

Quilt #2

This quilt will be sent to Southeast Texas to help raise money for a library that was devastated in Hurricane Ike.  Hope it brings you lots of money!



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    My favorite -even though I didn’t get around to voting. Great choice and I’m sure you will end up making a very nice contribution.

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    Judy again, thank you so much for donating a quilt to the people of Bridge City, TX! 😉 I was at Story Time yesterday and Ginger shared with me which pick they had chosen 😉 and she told me how much she really enjoyed reading your blog also.

    I’m not sure of all the details yet on when the drawing will be (I’m sure they are still finalizing everything) but she did mention that the quilt will travel around town to be on display at local businesses when it’s not on display at the library. I think starting with the Local Credit Union?? I know she is going to have a photo and story of it published in at least 3-4 papers in the Golden Triangle area 🙂 and hopefully with a listing of all the places the quilt will visit.

    I just know there will be lots of families who will be wanting to win such a treasure! Of all the homes in Bridge City there were less than 2 dozen that didn’t sustain any damages… the rest were flooded and had to be completely re-gutted and built. What a year it’s been.

    Again Judy, you are so generous!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 😉 Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    oho forgot to mention, Ginger asked me yesterday how to pronounce your last name and thankfully I had watched one of your videos where you had said it and remembered how to say it correctly. I came home and tried to search for “video” in the search tool on the side…. so I could email her the link to hear you talk….

    but all I got was two postings – 1 of Chad and his new turkey call which had me laughing about how he had a video to show him how to use it and how he practiced it all hours of the day even in the tub!!! LOL and the other post was of something else but I forget now…

    what did I do wrong? surely there is a way to get all of your videos that you’ve posted in the past..?

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      This was a great choice, especially with the fall and winter season coming in. Doesn’t it make you feel good to donate to a great cause and they have a plan to really take advantage of the fund raising possibilities. I hope they tell you the final amount that they raise. Every Year, I make a quilt top that goes to a group of senior ladies who hand quilt it and then put a big raffle effort to raise money. They always raise more than $2000 and it always amazes me.

      You are inspiring, that’s for sure.

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    Me sumo a los buenos deseos, quiera Dios que hagan muy buen dinero, el objetivo es la ayuda a quien la necesita.
    Una vez mas , Dios le pague con lo que más necesite usted Judy.