Here’s a Neat Stash!

My thoughts have always been that someone with a neat stash really never sews but just collects fabric.  My friend, Elaine, has proven that I am wrong.  These photos were taken with my cell phone, with her permission.  The fabrics look more dull and washed out in these photos than they are but look how neat and orderly this stash is.



There’s something not right about these pictures.

  1. It’s just too neat.  I know she sews.  I see quilts she makes.  She makes a lot of quilts.  Maybe there’s a secret room somewhere in her house where she sews and she merely pretends this is her sewing room.  Think that’s possible?? I maybe should have explored more.
  2. There’s no lime green fabric in this stash and I’m almost sure there was no purple fabric.  Is it possible to quilt without lime green or purple?  I’ll have to think about that some more.

Her stash looked so organized in real life but these pictures look even more organized than I remember and it was just a day or so ago that I saw the stash in real life.  I’m suddenly feeling like I shouldn’t go downstairs and look at my stash for fear I’ll realize how totally unorganized I really am.

Maybe I need a friend whose sewing room looks worse than mine.  Then I wouldn’t feel so bad.  But  . . there’s probably no one whose sewing room looks worse than mine.  Do I really care?  Not too much! 🙂  But, if I woke up tomorrow morning and found my stash this organized, I’d be really happy!



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    Bobbie says

    I’m just getting to feel better and here you come whack me with this—I would be in 7th. heaven IF my stach would look anywhere like that.
    I can even find a little piece of fabric for a chicken wing . But. I’m in there trying to get something started–its been a while and I’m all excited to even feel like sticking my head in there. I’m fixing to take a shower and barge back in. Have a great day you girls. Hugs, Bobbie

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      Surely hope you found your chicken wing fabric! I know how it feels to look for something you’ve just seen and when you need it, it’s nowhere to be found.

  2. 3


    Go get ’em, Bobbie! You can do it! Find that chicken wing!
    I’m wondering what Elaine does with scraps after she cuts into that wonderfully organized stuff — maybe she doesn’t keep them. I somehow end up with all this mess of stuff that can’t possibly be folded that neatly no matter how hard I try! But I applique, and those little pieces I just can’t bear to throw away. . . I know my stash will never look that neat . . .

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      The smaller pieces give me more trouble than the larger pieces also. I can fold 3 yards up and keep it neat but give me 1/2 yard and it just doesn’t work.

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    Well, Judy, I’m there for you. My sewing room (or sewing pit, as I saw somewhere) is at a disastrous new low. Too much fun and not nearly enough “putting back”. Yikes! But who wants to spend a day cleaning when they could spend a day sewing and keeping up on your QFAH? Not me, but I’m going to have to pretty soon. Thanks for the inspirational photos.

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    Dorothy says

    WOULD LOVE IT if my fabrics looked like that!! But, for that I would need an army of elves to do it! (like the cobbler and the elves!)

    oh, well to dream…

    • 7.1


      Yes, and an army of elves to keep it clean and then I’d probably have to feed the army of elves and I wouldn’t have any time to sew!

  5. 8

    JOY says

    oh, my sewing dungeon looks NOTHING like that..I have even offered my children MONEY to fold my stash, but they don’t seem desperate enough *sigh*

    Maybe after our next move…Uncle Sam needs to give PCS orders to dh so I can try to have an organized stash

    Though I think I work best in chaos…yes, that’s it!

  6. 9


    Yes but having a messy stash means that you can have fun looking for your fabrics. I always find fabrics that I have forgotten about when I dign through mine.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  7. 10

    Deb says

    I am with you. I dont think you can make a quilt without purple and lime green! And when i have to, it probably isnt going to be one of MINE, but for someone else! Geez, and I thought I was organized! that does look better then mine, I think I will spend the winter re-folding….and sewing, but I enjoy just playing with my fabric also….

  8. 11


    According to what appears in the photos, Elaine likes only cerain colours, pinks and browns with a little blue thrown in. Maybe that’s why it looks so organized. I bet if you took out all the different colours and arranged your stash like that, yours would be just as organized looking too! Have a great weekend.

  9. 13

    pdudgeon says

    that is a beautiful stash!
    All the colors are so well co-ordinated, that it must be easy for her to pull fabrics and put quilts together at the drop of a hat.

    Nice job, Elaine!

  10. 14

    Bon says

    Now I know Elaine and I’m betting that she just has painted cardboard in the front of a mess to make it look like it is neat as a pin. LOL It’s just not right. LOL

  11. 15


    I think Elaine has a beautiful stash! I can only dream of being this organized. Even for a moment.
    The only problem I see is there is no lime green, grape purple or bright orange. 😉

    Very, very nice Elaine.

  12. 16

    Trish says

    Maybe that’s *why* she’s able to make so many quilts. My problem is that my stash is currently in drawers, which makes it harder to see and *know* what I have at a glance. I’m currently in the process of trying to find some inexpensive cabinets with shelves to store my fabric in. I’d love to have mine where I can see it, but I’m not brave enough to leave it “out in the open” like your friend has done; there’s just far too much dust when you live on a dirt road!

  13. 17


    you know, I knew when I met Elaine that she was sick…this just proves it!!! NEAT and ORDERLY AND…NO lime green, no purple, no brights, and I don’t see much in the way of oranges or blues!!!! SICK! But it sure is neat looking! My hat is off to her if she can actually sew and keep it looking like that 🙂

  14. 19


    There are some colors missing but what Elaine has would make great quilts.

    What I did not see was a large flat surface. Now if you took a picture of a large flat surface it should be covered with those bits too small to fold up and place on a shelf.

  15. 20

    Elaine NJ says

    I’ve met Elaine, and I don’t understand why she doesn’t have purple in her stash, its her favorite color……

  16. 21

    Michele6324 says

    My sewing room is not only messy, but it is also the only place I can keep my cat’s litter box. I think I have the dubious honour of winning hands down.

  17. 23

    Elaine says

    Ha! Judy, you only took a picture of ONE side of the room. Don’t you remember what the rest of it looked like? And, yes, my stash is sorely lacking in a few colors, but I’m workin’ on it!!

  18. 24


    Where’s Mr Linky Box? I bet we all have a photo of our non neat rooms. I am okay with never having a nice neat folded stash. I can admire someone who does though.

  19. 25

    Linda says

    Mine is worse than yours! I do have a pathway to my sewing machine from the door (which also means I can get to the iron) but other than that the floor is covered…and I have very little stash to blame!!

  20. 26


    ha…let ME join the club of “sewing rooms/pits/dungeons that are less neat than yours”, Judy. I’m sure mine is much worse than yours. And….my sewing stuff is spread over a couple of rooms so I have not ONE messy area…but two (and sometimes 3 or 4). for that neat-looking stash with not enough color variety yet (but she’s working on it)……I bet she KNEW you were coming to take a photo and cleaned it all up ahead of time. Nobody can really do a lot of sewing and keep an area THAT neat…I’m sure of it. LOL

  21. 27


    Every once in a while (about twice a year) my stash looks this good. I refold everything and it gets on the shelves neatly. But then I start a new project and the piles of fabric, tools, scraps, etc., start to build and the neat shelves turn into a jumbled mess. That lasts until I can’t stand it anymore and then…. see line 1.

  22. 28

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I agree: that *is* spooky. Very Stepford Quilt-ish…my sewing area…well, let’s just say that my mystery project over Labor Day weekend was to find the surface of my cutting table.

    I found about 3 sq. ft (not 3 ft square, oh no…3 sq. ft.), but they’re covered up again. It’s pretty messy, although there is an organizational method to the mass of mess.

    • 28.1


      Oh, I don’t think it’s Stepford-ish at all. I’d love to have my sewing area look like that. Elaine’s whole house is organized and neat like that.

  23. 29

    Carol says

    Wow. Some day… maybe…My stash is in drawers and bins. Using a cabinet with doors makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the idea. Now all I have to do is get organized…..some day….maybe….

  24. 30

    Eve says

    I was too stunned to comment before now. Elaine, dear friend, YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I accept that you prolly think the rest of the room is a mess–but I bet that even THAT is neat and orderly compared to my room.
    And, didn’t you know that lime green is a neutral?? I had to get some more last week, ‘cuz I’d just about used it all up—and that will NEVER do! LOL!!
    I bow to your greatness!! Eve

  25. 32


    Man My stash is in plastic bin’s an Bags all over the place! And I sew in the living room so it’s alover the Living room, dineing room, kitchen, an anywhere I can find! I hate people coming over, an I have to clean out the chairs for people to sit on ! Iam Horrible, But My Husband has not said anything yet! Thank God For giving a Husband who Loves me so much!!!! That he tells me Not To Worry about it! But I need to get My Christmas Tree Quilt blocks done for class tomrrow! And By the Way Does anyone know where I can find a Good used Dual Feed Sewing Machine that is reasonable? Thank You Judy, I love reading your Blogs!!! Wish I could Quilt Iam just learning an I am not very good, but I am Trying! God Bless and Have a Wonderful Week! Deb!

  26. 33


    All I can say is that she likes what she likes & that is it. (Which is fine.) My stash on the other hand is a hodge podge because I like so many different things. I think even if mine were folded & stored as nicely that it still would not look as nice because of the variety…

    What I am saying is that part of why that stash looks so good is because it is so similar. I think.