Show Us Your Stash!

Who’s willing to share photos of you stash?  This isn’t to say My stash is bigger than you stash or My stash is neater than your stash.  You may have a small or a large stash . . it isn’t about size! The plan is to share a picture of the stash now and then I’m going to seriously clean and organize my stash and show a new picture on January 1, 2010.  Then sometime toward the end of 2010, we’ll do this again and see if anyone can detect a difference in the stash size (smaller I hope!).

We all operate differently but I’ve found that if I commit verbally either to friends or fellow bloggers that I’m going to do something, then I’m a lot more likely to do it.  Design Wall Monday has given me the impetus to be sure there’s something new on my design wall, even if it’s just a few more blocks added to what was there last week.

Here’s my plan:

  1. Take a picture of my stash today.  Posted below. I’m also going to print it and tape it up where I have to see it every day.
  2. Between now and January 1, 2010, I’m going to clean it and organize it.  Post it here.  Then I’m going to print it and tape it below the disorganized stash picture.
  3. All through 2010 I’m going to use work hard (really hard) to use the stash and at the end of 2010, I’m going to post another picture (and post it here) and then compare the three.

Want to join me?  Here’s my first picture.  It’s looked worse; maybe there was a time when it looked better.  I will look better for sure by the end of 2010.


So . . no prepping.  No cleaning.  No organizing.  Got snap a photo of your stash now, as it looks the minute you’re reading this post.  Share it with us in the Mr. Linky box.  If you feel the need to clean and organize, do that and add another photo on January 1.  Then get busy and make lots of quilts or other projects so we can see smaller stashes at the end of 2010.


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    Where are those messy stashes? Tell me I’m not the only one. Look at those first three pictures. Way too organized!! Please someone else show a messy stash before I start feeling like a slob!

  2. 3


    I’m afraid I don’t have enough stash to be very messy. My work basket, on the other hand – and my sewing “studio” which doubles as a play kitchen for the girls – there is where I’m messy!

  3. 4


    hehe. I don’t think my stash will fit into one photograph — and that’s NOT because it’s so big. 😉 It’s because it’s truly “stashed” all over the house in various plastic tubs, boxes and crates. Plus an under-bed storage box and one very over-crowded bookshelf in the boxroom!

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    Judy, you are so optimistic!!! “A” picture, indeed. LOL My stash is scattered around the house. It will take at least 5 photos to display it…and then I’ll probably leave something out. This is a good project though…I love seeing other quilters’ stashes.

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    I bet seeing your friend Elaine’s neatly organized fabrics made you start thinking about getting yours in better order. I know I’ve been back looking at the pictures of hers several times. Really a beautiful display. I have too much and not enough places to put it..neat or not.

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    Thought I’d make you feel good Judy and show my mess. Also hoping it will shame me into straightening it up sooner rather than later!

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    Cindy B says

    I have no idea where the pic was posted. I never used Mr. Linky before. I have to find some way of keeping the fabric from falling off the shelves when I pull the one I need off the bottom of the stack.

  8. 10


    Okay Judy, I have a very messy stash that is in a couple of different places in my house so I posted. Now to figured out how to clean it up.
    Cleary k.

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    I took some pictures of my stash in November 2008 and there are 64 pictures. I took all the piles out of the bins that are stored under the counter top and around the room. The fabric that is on the shelves was photographed as one pic. I have way too much fabric and I don’t think I even took pics of it all. Once I can figure out how to put them in some kind of viewer, I’ll post a link.

  10. 12


    Okay… I posted some pics, after not blogging for more than eight months 🙂 I’d love to get some adjustable wire shelves and a bunch of clear boxes to store all of my kits. Then again… maybe I should sew some of those kits and save the $$ for the FunQuilter that I’ve been eyeing 😉

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    I’ll try to do a post and link to it in the next few days. My stash isn’t terribly disorganized (well…some might think it is)…it’s just in a few different places in the house since I don’t have a sewing area large enough for the machine, ironing board, all my supplies and my stash. AND…….WOW…….wouldn’t I love to have a stash room (STORE) like gardenpat???? She has some GORGEOUS set-up for herself…I keep going back to her link and looking and am drooling with envy!!! LOL

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    Denise says

    I posted a link to mine back in June I think it was – after I had just reorganized, washed and refolded all the fabric. Amazingly, it still looks the same – some fabric in and some out, but still tidy. Refolding – tho a pain at the time – has kept it all tidy because it doesn’t come unfolded when I pull it out to audition fabrics. Hmmmm there is that very large suitcase full of batik, halloween and hand dyed fat quarters that hasn’t been refolded and added to the shelves yet but we won’t talk about them. 🙂

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    I posted my link. Most of you make my “stash” look pitiful, and make the use of those quotes necessary. My few pieces hardly constitutes stash, when compared to the stores some of you have. I do look forward to following everyone’s adventures over the next year.

  14. 17


    Ok Judy, I posted pic of my stash and my sewing table over on my blog.
    I have a few tubs with fabric in them but not able to get pic of them. They are mainly scraps that I have been given from friends.
    My stash is folded- I did that a few years ago after i was showed how to fold it over the long ruler… It just stacks so much neater and nicer.
    My table is my downfall……. It seems to have taken on a life of it’s own and has grown a heap in the corner… I know everything over there, but need to find places for it all…
    Guess I shamed myself into organizing and cleaning on sunday. Maybe I can sew on Tuesday since i have things planned for Monday.
    Thanks for the reality check!

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    OK. I don’t have a blog or anything, just email. How do I provide an URL once we take the photos (yes, plural)?

    I’m not sure how we’ll take the photos, though; a good portion of my stash is inside cabinets with doors, downstairs in the laundry area where there is just enough room to open the cabinet doors but not enough to stand back and take a picture.

    And (assuming I can figure it out) you will all just love my quilting area, aka The Fabric Explosion!

    I’ve had fond hopes this year of turning it into The Quilt Factory, but it’s still the Explosion…

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    Wow! That was so fun going through everyone’s blog. There are some l.o.v.e.l.y stashes out there. I might be spending the rest of my Sunday a little bit green with envy…

  17. 20


    I will attempt this and see how I can progress again this year. I fell off the band wagon with my stash report although I have not been buying fabric I have not been sending in my reports either. Hope to do better this time around

  18. 21


    My stash is only organized in that it’s still mostly packed from our move last year… bout time I unpacked and got organized don’t ya think?

  19. 23


    I “think”? I did the linking correctly. Sorry if I didn’t to the exact post, but the name of the post is “Where is that Fabric”, so you can move down to find it. My stash isn’t nearly as complete as I’d like it to be, but it sure is nice working toward that goal! I have decided to use more from my stash though for quilts, so I hopefully will never get to the point where my stash is complete!

    Have a great day!

    Patricia (in TN)

  20. 24


    if i can come up with a camera before the end of year
    i will join in…

    i have not been joining in on mondays design wall
    its hard to take a picture when the camera is sick.

    then there is the stash report…no excuse I could at least say
    no changes


  21. 26


    Well, I just went through all the pictures, and I’m impressed by the neatness of most of them. I’ve posted pics from time to time of my stash – I guess I have stashes, because I have a whole area just devoted to Robyn Pandolph. Right now I have huge tubs sitting in the dining room that will go somewhere — I’m OUT of room. I’ll take a picture when I can fit it all into two or three photos. The rest of the year will be spent organizing, for sure!

  22. 28

    Natalie says

    if im a newbie and have NO stash – does that mean im allowed to start hoarding??? i think my stash is about 6 or 7 yards worth of fabric, but it’s all accounted for in projects that im working on… all of you lucky ladies have me SO JEALOUS!!!

  23. 29


    I’m like a lot of you . . . I can’t get it all in one picture . . . but I showed the big chunks . . . somewhere I thought I saw actual statistical data that Judy posted showing yardage of her stash, how much she added to it this year, and how much she had used, and what progress she was making. Whew! I’d have no method to even begin to figure out actual yardage in my possession! Talk about making your head spin! I need this challenge to help myself get it all under control!

  24. 30


    A little late, but I have put my pictures on my blog. I am excited about this. I had started working on cleaning up my stash back in August but have slacked off lately. I do know that when I sort/handle/organize fabric, I tend to buy less new fabric. I am trying to use up alot of my older fabric first. I need to remember to use pieced fabric for the backing and work on completing tops that I have stacked up on shelves!

  25. 31


    I had to amend my original post… after seeing everyone else’s and pressure from Neo-Man I must lay claim to ALL I HAVE… so I did.
    And I answered the emails about how to fold and organize the stash- and getting fabric out and in the stack.

    Thanks Judy… I guess this was fun?? if not enlightening! It does no good to hoard it… so now I will work harder to use it.

  26. 32


    When I saw this I went to look at my stash. I have stacks that aren’t in my cupboards so I started putting those away. I think I am going to see if I can get more in the cupboards then will snap a pic. What a motivator this is.

  27. 34


    Lingeriemakers are stashers, but come to think of it, I think quilters are worse ;-). Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous fabrics!