Such Willpower

There’s only so much blame I can place on my friends (one friend in particular lately).  In between classes this week, she asked what I wanted to do and I said “can we go to the quilt shop?”  Oh, sure  . . she could have said NO!  But, she didn’t . . she drove me right to the closest quilt shop.  We both enthusiastically walked into that shop, headed straight to the sale shelves, loaded up, found a few things from the not on sale shelves, had our fabric cut, paid our bills, started to walk out of the shop and ran into two sisters . . one of whom had taken up knitting socks after she sat behind me on a bus trip for hours and hours while I was knitting socks.  They told me about a yarn shop nearby which was owned by their niece so . . I said to my friend “can we go to the yarn shop?” And . . she drove me over there!

I don’t feel bad about the fabric (though I really don’t ever feel bad about my purchases) because most of this is already designated for a project.


The four fabrics on the right go with the fabric on the right . . not the same collection or anything but they do match and I think I can get the look I’m trying to get, though I may not even use the fabric on the left in this particular quilt.


A couple of batiks with no purpose in mind but I liked the.


Yarn . . pretty yarn; soft, fluffy yarn.  Enough yarn for 8 pairs of socks.

Really . . I’m not adding anything else to the sock yarn or fabric stash for the rest of this year!



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    Carol says

    What pretty yarn. You make me want to knit socks. I made one pair many years ago out of fingering yarn. The socks never stayed up and they bunched up inside my shoes. What type of yarn do you use?

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    pdudgeon says

    love all that yarn! YUM!
    the fabrics in your top photo do go well together. I see you managed to get the purple in there as well, but we all know that a Judy without purple fabric is not a happy Judy.

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    Yesterday I stopped at Joann’s to get one skein of yarn. That was all I was going to get – one skein to go with two others my sister gave me to use up, so I could crochet a small afghan. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry that line, but I managed to walk out with 5 yds of flannel and 8 yds (total) of three different prints to make Stack-n-whacks, because I finally got three (count them – all of three) blocks done on my first one. So clearly I need to have the supplies for three more quilts because I got three blocks done on the first one….right?

    I found where I can order the yarn online – but it will cost $5 in shipping for $3 in yarn. That doesn’t seem right, so I started browsing other yarn. Then I shut down the program, and will have to rethink this plan!

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    Yea, right, you’re not going to add any fabric or yarn for the rest of the year. That is 3 months of not going to a fabric or yarn shop. Now, really, Judy!

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    JoAnna says

    Oh, I would have to use those fabrics with the stars and moon fabrics – they are just perfect together! All of my yarn stash is in Colorado and I just moved to FL – wish I could have brought it (and my fabric) with me. Hopefully we will all be reunited soon!

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    I am going to take the sock challenge. I have had yarn and needles for at least 3 years. Tried knitting them on my own for about 30 minutes and put the supplies away. The yarn shop here will help but she works too fast for slow me! I went in so many times, to ask questions, that I became embarrased. I love socks and this is something I really want to do – I am trying one more time. By the way you bought some beautiful fabric!

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      Eve says

      Sue, if you go to and go to the “view videos” page, there are quite a number of videos you can watch for learning how to knit, and the different stitches/methods, etc. It has been a really great resource. Excellent site. Hope this gets you where you can get those socks done—and not have to feel foolish for bugging the lady at the yarn shop. Eve

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    Cindy says

    “Really . . I’m not adding anything else to the sock yarn or fabric stash for the rest of this year!”


  8. 14

    Eve says

    Judy, would you mind if I posted a link to the site whose knitting videos helped (and still help) me tremendously—for Sue Lord? It’s a great asset to have, especially when you can’t get to the yarn store to get help. Eve

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    Oh…sure…yes…we DO believe you that you aren’t going to add anymore yarn or fabric for the rest of the year……..please excuse me while I pick myself up from off the floor where I fell because of laughing so hard!

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I love your sock yarns, especially the blue/purple ones and the teal/tan too. I’m known as the “purple” fabric lady in my guild too. I don’t believe you can stay out of shops for the rest of the year either. Dar