Teaching Schedule

Many have asked about my teaching schedule.  I don’t post it due to . . I’ll be nice and say “personal reasons”.  Normally I teach closer to home.  I don’t teach in November or December because I would like to enjoy my holidays too.  I don’t schedule anything in January or February because of weather concerns.  Well, next year I am teaching in Louisiana towards the end of February but if there’s an ice or snow problem in southwest Louisiana, I’ll be real surprised.  Stranger things have happened though.  We did have an ice storm once.

In October I’ll be in St. Louis, then Wichita, KS and then St. Louis again.   Dang, St. Louis is a long way away and lots of back road driving and I think there might be a scary bridge.  Then I’m done for 2009.

Generally, I stay within Missouri and surrounding states.  So, if you want me to come teach in your area, here’s all you need to do.  Find my husband a job and we’ll move and then I’ll teach in your area, which will be close to my home!  🙂  He’s a helluva, helluva, engineer; like all the jolly good fellows, he drinks his whiskey clear.  He’s a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an Engineer!

Seriously, the window guy from the local building supply store was here today and we were talking about what I want to do with my stove situation.  It would just be easier to move and get a house with a gas stove.  I’m the type person who could stay in one place forever and be happy.  Vince on the other hand, is pretty much ready to move again as soon as the moving van drives away.  In January, it will be 3 years that we’ve been here . . probably at least a year too long.

So . . find Vince a job and I’ll start packing but really, I’d prefer a relocation package that sends the packers to do it for me!    🙂   Oh, yes, I want to move where people don’t think I talk funny (which rules out everything north of here) and I want to live where we have seasons (which rules out anything too far south) and I want to live where crawfish are on the menu and I don’t like living in a town that has an interstate highway.   Other than those few little requests, I’m ready . . and willing to go most anywhere.  Oh . . I almost forgot . . can’t have a scary bridge.  Who wants us?

In this economy, my bet is I’ll be a very old woman still living in this house and wishing for a gas stove.  Could be a whole lot worse, though, huh?



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    You can come to eastern North Carolina. My little town is getting a new Spirit Air company and they are hiring engineers. Sadly our quilt shop closed a few months ago but we are not far from the beach or the big city of Raleigh. Chickens are welcome!

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    Linda says

    In this economy it’s a good thing Vince HAS a job and you can do what you love…quilting, teaching quilting, writing quilting books. Or you can move to Nebraska…we have seasons…and we won’t think you talk funny….we have Hispanics with their accents and Amish with German accents….a Louisiana drawl might be a nice addition to the mix. Then you could teach in SD, MN, WY, NE, IA in the warm months and look south to KS, MO, OK in the cold months.
    Perfect!! LOL

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    Come to South Carolina. You’ll love it here. Lot’s of political “junk” goes on, so you can pretty much do what you want to.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Sounds like you should move to Moss Bluff. All of this you know, but I will remind you that we are small with the convenience of a city (if you want to call Lake Charles a city). We have crawfish, no scary bridges, The ones we have can be avoided and no freeways in town, but we have one close enough for convenience. People here won’t think You talk funny, they think I talk funny (I am a native of the state of Iowa). We had snow last year but it was the first time in 19 years. The chances are we won’t have it again for awhile. Seasons, now we don’t have seasons as I know seasons, but we do have nice winters. I think Moss Bluff is for you.

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    so how ya gonna pack up those chickens??? LOL I just crack myself up…I’m picturing a big truck with a rocking chair on top, you sitting up their sewing, Vince driving, Chad riding “shotgun” and the chickens in cages with their feathers just a flying…

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    Amy C says

    How exciting that you will be teaching in Wichita. I only live an hour from there. May I ask where you will be teaching?

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    And does Vince also say “To He** with Georgia!” ??? The joke at Tech when I was there was that Five Points was laid out by a drunk Tech engineer following a tired cow. Or maybe a tired Tech engineer following…? 😉

    Yep. I went to Georgia Tech for a couple of years myself way back when. I’ve been a Wreck since then, but I’m not a Ramblin’ Wreck–degree came from elsewhere.

    Maybe y’all can move to somewhere near Atlanta?

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    Aw heck, Judy, live dangerously and come all the way up to Maine. Most every house has a gas stove, and I promise we will be totally fascinated by your accent, gosh wait til you hear the Maine accent!

    : )

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    CindyC says

    I’ve got it! Emory, TX. Small town with a total of 3 stop lights. Every larger city is 30 miles away. One school system in the whole county. L-3 Communications is in Greenville and they hire engineers. Husband has worked there for 10+ years. Plus, if Vince says he was referred to them by my husband, we will get a special bonus. (They like engineers.) You can apply online. Come on now…not too far from LA, you can go visit regularly. And if you really get bored with the small town life, Dallas or Tyler is about 1 hour away. Think about it.

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    You could come to Perth, Western Australia. Tis a fabulous place to live…People would love your accent and we have the most delicious crayfish over here….similar to crawfish, but larger. There are no scary bridges here….I had a chuckle over that one….those are on my list along with basements, attics and cabins on lakes!

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    Oops….I forgot to add….Your husband will have no problem getting a job here. Engineers are always wanted, as we have a large mining industry in Western Australia.

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    Judy, since it sounds like regular natural gas is not available in your neighborhood, I would think that you could get a propane tank on the outside of your house and then put a gas stove which has been converted to propane, its not that expensive to set up that way, it is what my Mom has at her house. The tank looks like a giant size gas-grill tank. Here’s a picture of what it looks like: