Adult Beverages

Elaine’s friend Kim . . is really my friend too but she lives over by Elaine . . loves to cook.  Kim . . not Elaine.  We’re not going to talk about Elaine’s cooking habits because there are none . . none! Kim on the other hand, could tell you a dozen to die for recipes that she’s made in the past 3 days . . any time you talk to her.  She has been making “cherry cordial” which is like a chocolate covered cherry syrup (kinda).  It is so good . . so very, very good!  Kim shared the recipe because she’s a nice person  . . even though she ran over a disputed number of huge orange construction cones with my car once! 🙂

Last week on my way home, exhausted from being gone three days, teaching two lectures and a one day workshop,  I kept thinking about Kim’s cherry cordial so I stopped by Wal-Mart and got cherries, then stopped by the grocery store and get vodka and brandy.  I’m sure we have some of both but finding it . . I didn’t have the energy.


We have apple cordial and cherry cordial “brewing”.  Anyone want to be on my Christmas list this year?  🙂




  1. 3


    I’ll help clean the sewing room just to get a copy of the recipe for Christmas! he he he

    Heck, I’ll even walk Speck in the middle of the night!

  2. 5


    oh MY! Would you consider sharing the recipe for that cherry cordial? Can you make it with frozen cherries? I froze a bunch of them this year.

  3. 11

    Carol says

    Since most of us need to clean our sewing rooms, cherry cordials would make the task so much easier and a lot more fun !

  4. 13

    Cindy says

    Will it be done in time to take some with us to Wichita?

    I have a recipe for Lemoncello. Kind of the same thing only with lemons. I just dug it out yesterday, I was thinking about making some for Christmas! We’ll trade.

  5. 14

    Bobbie says

    Never had it–is it sweet-if not I’ll take some-
    (My drink is gin and tonic-but can’t even have one right now–it lowers your white blood cells-Crap!!!! Hugs, Bobbie
    P.s. Oh Holly, my husband, fixes me a toinc -diet-and lime–it almost is as good as if there was gin in it.