I’ve really, honestly, promise . . I’ve spent the last four hours cleaning the sewing room.  It isn’t clean by any shot but I just found a funny thing.  Not sure why I did it but in February, 05 I typed a list entitled “My Computer is Used Every Day For:”   I won’t list everything but here are few that struck me as funny:

  • Check Chad’s grades online
  • Shop for fabric and bargains
  • Watch hoping to find a new house

Then apparently Chad found my list and added his own handwritten ideas about why he uses his computer every day.  His list includes:

  • Entertain my brain
  • Relax my feet after a long day of commuting around the school
  • Converse freely with others in the US and around the world
  • Discuss current events
  • Maintain an edge on my gambling skills (HUH??  He was 17 at the time!)
  • Find recipes for the times you decide to cook
  • Informing myself of my legal rights

Tell me why a 17 year old was thinking about gambling, why he was concerned about his legal rights and when there was a time I didn’t cook!

There’s a good reason I don’t clean . . you never know what you may find!



  1. 1

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Maybe the receipes were for HIM to cook?! Maybe like a ‘hope chest’ kinda thing for when he no longer lived at home? Stranger things happen:-)

  2. 3

    Carolyn Thomas/Silkquilter01 says

    I think he was yanking your leg!!!! My now 23 year old son would have done the same thing. lol