My Poor Shoes

My new rubber boots are my favorite shoes.  So . . why can’t I take care of them?  Why do I leave them out in the rain?  Since I’ve had my boots, it’s rained three times and all three times, they’ve been sitting by the back door.


We’re hardly running the air conditioner but I stuck my boots over the vent anyway.  They finally dried and I promised them I’d take much better care of them.

Last night, well after dark, I remembered that my boots were still sitting on the back porch.


There are all my favorite shoes!  If it had rained, the Crocs would have been fine but my leather flip flops would not have been too happy and if those boots fill up with water again . . well, I just can’t let that happen!




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    Denise says

    You need to put that engineer husband to work. A piece of 2 x 4 left over from the coop for a base, with two thinner pieces standing straight up. Then when you take your boots off, you put them on the “boot stand” so they are sitting upside down. Even if it rains, it will only wash the boots off on the outside and not fill them up. 🙂

  2. 3


    I love your boots. I will be up in Jamesport tomorrow, maybe I can find myself a pair. I can see that they would be great for tromping oround in the wet grass and muddy garden. That boot stand sounds like a great idea.

  3. 5


    I am always nervous when I leave my shoes or gardening gloves outside over night – you don’t know what can crawl in there – I end up stomping on the gloves and checking the shoes.