Why Fight It?

I made this quilt (or I’m making this quilt):


The colors are fairly ok . . not too bright; not too dull.

Over the weekend I was pulling fabrics for a new project.  I had in my mind kinda what I wanted.  Kinda this:


I just couldn’t get it right though.  The purple was too dark for the greens.  I wanted a lighter orangish red and then a darker reddish orange and couldn’t come up with that.  My sewing room was a terrible disaster (worse than normal!) and nothing was working.

Then the thought occurred to me.  These just aren’t the colors I enjoy working with.  I can pull off a quilt or two of more subdued colors but the time comes when I must go back to my brighter fabrics.  These are the fabrics that were chosen to be used in the current quilt.

DSC08218Much more to my liking!  Notice that the white is more of that Lakehouse Itty Bitty Polka Dot?  I may have to stop quilting when I run out of that fabric!  🙂



  1. 3

    Penny says

    Do you wear the same sort of colours as those you like to work with? I once did some classes with a woman from the Caribbean and she nearly always worked with those sort of bright colours you associate with that area and we noticed she always wore them too. It was like she was in camouflage! My favourites are autumnal colours and I am always drawn to clothing in those shades too.

  2. 5


    How do you do that? I can’t pick a set of colours to go together, unless I have a primary fabric that incorporates them, to draw from. Picking colours is my least favourite part of quilting.

  3. 6

    pdudgeon says

    in your first set of fabrics–think FALL!

    pull the white, purple, and black out, and substitute a tan, dark green, and a brown and see how that goes together.

  4. 7


    I trhink your colours look fine. They are not my colours. I’m more like you, I like brighter colours. Every time I use colours that just aren’t me I never really like the quilt. Everyone else thinks it looks great. So I guess we like to stay in our comfort zone.

  5. 8

    Denise says

    You’d better send me the light reddish orange, greens and gold that way you won’t have to fight with them………
    you know I’m just trying to help!