Eatin’ & Shoppin’

Vince took off work today and we drove up to Kansas City. We couldn’t stop thinking of the yummy lamb chops we had at a restaurant there a month or so ago so we gave in to our desires and went back and got more.  Slabs of ribs cooking . . though we didn’t eat ribs.


We walked around The Plaza for a while, did a bit of shopping and felt more like a tourist.  Make that a tourist who’s been in a small town way too long.

In front of Tivol, there was a policeman.  I stopped and talked to him .. thought he was just patrolling the district but no, he stands there in front of Tivol all day . . waiting for the bad guys that I’d almost forgotten even exist.

Then I saw this:


All you city folks . . stop laughing!  I’ve never seen a “doggie bar”.  Walked on down a bit farther and found this:


They’re everywhere!  I never knew it was so popular to take your dog out shopping.  I guess most dogs are better behaved than mine!

Found these shoes.  Not sure why I liked them so much but I did.  They’re comfortable and every now and then, I have to take off the rubber boots and jeans and get dressed up so these will get used occasionally.  (All the pix today were taken with the cell phone and I must’ve wiggled a bit while taking this photo.)


By now we’d walked off a bit of our lunch and stopped for custard.


Then we stopped at Target in Belton, MO and got a few househould essentials.  I always stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, detergents, etc. so I don’t have to go shopping from about November 1 til after Christmas.  No way am I fighting the traffic, crowds and lines for things I can get now so I think I’m all set.  Actually I look for any excuse to avoid shopping.

That’s it . . we drove home.  Vince is napping in the recliner and I’m thinking of waking him so we can run down to the college and see how my Power Point presentation works before I take it with me on my next trip Friday.



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    Your day sounds wonderful….good food, good company what more can you ask for. I think I need to get off the farm more often…..bars for dogs, policemen standing around waiting for something to happen…..give me peace and quiet of small town living anyday where most of the dogs roam free in there neighborhoods and the policemen sit in the coffee shop waiting for a crime to happen…..

    I think how you do your shopping at Target is perfect….I do the same thing here…….we have the closet…….if you need something for your bathroom or any part of the house……you go to the closet, all stocked and well supplied. The only downfall…….my daughter who moved away last June……..she comes home to “shop the closet”……well at least she comes home!!!


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    I guess these days, dogs are the new “kids”, with just as many toys and accessories on the market. We recently went on a walk with my niece and when her dog got hot, she stopped and pulled out a collapsible, insulated doggie dish. The dog lapped up his Ice Mountain and away we went!

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    Sounds like a glorious day! I love the Plaza in KC. I’m a country girl, and I don’t like to leave the farm too often, so that’s a lot for me to say. My daughter used to live right across the “creek” from the Plaza, so I have visited it quite a bit. My favorite place there is the Barnes & Noble. I could stay in that one store all day!

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    In Provincetown they offer your pet treats and water. Most people there walk with their dogs. We took Honey last year when we went to get Alice of Alice’s Restaurant autograph.

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    I hate shopping too — luckily I can send Keith to the grocery store with a list most of the time. I avoid the stores in Nov and Dec too.