Love Notes

Don’t you just love it when you honey leaves you a love note?  We don’t do that often enough.  There was a time when I bought lots of cards and I’d sometimes stick a little note in Vince’s shirt pocket or Chad’s lunch box.  I used to even mail cards to Vince at work but . . well, heck . . we just don’t do that kind of stuff any more.  Here’s how cheap we are now . . Vince will call me to the greeting card aisle at Wal-Mart and say “Here, read this.  I chose it for you (birthday, Valentine’s, whatever) but you can just read it here and I don’t have to buy it!”  It doesn’t bother me.  I know he loves me and for the cost of a greeting card, I can buy a fat quarter or sometimes a half yard of fabric!

Thank goodness my chickens take the time to let me know they love me!


Look at that heart on the end of the egg Ruby left me this morning.  How sweet is that?  Who needs a greeting card when your chickens can do this with their eggs?

I’m thinking this egg should be worth lots of money.  If the image of  Superman or The Virgin Mary on a screen door is worth money, don’t you think a heart on an egg should be worth enough to send my son to law school?




  1. 2


    You know….it could be worth money but not enough to pay for law school……if I lived closer I’d buy it along with 11 of its friends!!!! I do miss fresh eggs!!!


  2. 7

    Carolyn Collette says

    Oh Judy, My husband does the same with the cards!! We think it is funny. A lady at the card shop gave him a few “words” the last time he did it. LOL

  3. 8

    Jeanne Bancroft says

    Think up a good story of why a heart may be on an egg, and go for it!!! If a grilled cheese sandwich can sell for thousands, heck, you could be rich in 7 days!! BTW, I just saw a record egg on tv the other day and thought about your jumbo one!! I swear yours could’ve given it a good run for the money!

  4. 9


    You guys are hilarious!!! I wish we lived closer to each other–our men are so much alike. Are you going to blow out that egg and keep the “love note”???

  5. 10


    Yeah, you wish. On the other hand, if the chicks keep producing Love Eggs, maybe you could sell them on Etsy.

  6. 15

    dawn says

    I agree with Elaine. I think Smokey had something to do with that egg! I think she is trying to get on your good side, seeing that the Fall is arriving and nice roasted chicken on the menu………or chicken soup……….hmmmmmmmm

    I would be laying heart eggs too! more than one a day if I could. LOL

  7. 16

    Terri says

    Heck if you get enough for just one semester of law school I’ll buy the chicken!! My daughter is in her first semester of law school and man are they proud of it! It’s costing her a fortune! Love the Etsy idea 🙂