Not Another Project!

It’s October, right?  Is it still October?  Yes!  Socktoberfest is going on and I set a goal for myself that I probably cannot achieve.  So, why did I start another project?


While in Kansas last month, one of the quilters in the guild was working on one of these felted wool candle mats and it was so cute.  I ordered a couple.  I probably should have started on the one for Valentine’s Day (though I don’t know that I ordered one for Valentine’s Day) because I doubt I get this one finished any time soon.  Isn’t it cute?

I knew those tiny little applique pins would come in handy for something some day!



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    Vickie says

    I love those little mats. Of course I love the big ones and the penny rugs and the pillows and the punch needle and the quilts and the and the and the and the! You fill in the blanks we are all sick that way 🙂
    Are you going to hand sew it or do it on machine? At one of our local quilt shops a lady does it all on machine … gosh it’s beautiful … and much quicker 🙂
    Happy fall!

  2. 4

    Michelle Cyr says

    Do you remember where you ordered them from? I’ve been wanting to try my hand at wool applique but just haven’t sat down long enough to find a kit anywhere online….not that I'[m not on HERE enough….man I spend plenty of time on the puter!

  3. 5

    Mama Pea Quilts says

    Why do I just love anything fall-ish?

    I’ve been looking at and wanting to make a wool applique candle mat or table centerpiece or something for ages. Yours is so attractive.

    I think maybe it’s the colors of autumn that appeal to me. And perhaps the fact that fall signals the start of months where there isn’t such a battle between things to do outdoors or indoors. Other than snow removal and a bit of recreating, I can snuggle in and (guiltlessly . . . well, almost) get in more quilting time.

  4. 6

    Becky R says

    Are you sewing this by hand or with your machine? I would use my machine and black thread with the blanket stitch. It wouldn’t take near as much time using your machine as it would by hand. Remember how much time you saved learning to do all the binding by machine?
    Plus if you use the free-hand system on your Bernina it’s even faster because you don’t have to stop and use your hands each time you to rotate your project. Remember to use your needle down function on your machine.