Presents? For Me??

Do you think these blocks look like little packages?


If they were packages, they would probably be more Christmas colors, right?  Nope, they’re not packages.

Maybe they look like the letter “T”.  Why would I be making letter “T” blocks?  My name doesn’t start with a “T”.  Nope, they’re not “T” blocks.

Maybe they’re part of what might be our next group project???  We’re almost finished with the “Freeze Frame” Quilt for an Hour.  I think when you see this quilt, you’re going to beg me to do it online.  Or . . maybe not! 🙂

Maybe you’ve seen the quilt on my Facebook page??



  1. 1


    Oooooh, pretty! I’d definitely take part in an on-line version of that one (hmm, incentive to finish up my current quilt).

  2. 2


    Yep, I’ve seen it and admired it as you worked on it from the outside in… It’s fun to be connected online with you and see the designs you create. Thanks for sharing your designs with all of us. They do look like presents.

  3. 7

    JoAnna says

    I don’t have facebook, so now I’m really curious. Gee, I need a donation quilt for January…

  4. 9

    Carol says

    This goes with the pieced border? It’s time to replace my rotary cutter blade and my needle. Ready.