Design Wall Monday – October 5, 2009

This is what’s on my design wall.  It’s the quilt I’m thinking about making for the next Quilt for an Hour project.  I know . . the current one isn’t finished but we can’t let grass grow under our feet, can we?  🙂   What do you think about this one?  It will have a pieced border but you certainly could make it without a pieced border.


What’s on your design wall?


  1. 5

    Beryl says

    I was busy finishing up my 12th UFO and couldn’t do your last QFAH, so now I need a new project…sign me up!

  2. 15


    I really like this setting. Things on point sure change! I doubt I can make it before Christmas, but I would love to follow along with other peoples’ progress.

  3. 17

    Linda says

    Very pretty. I’d love to make it. Might even have to get my dyeing supplies out and dye some more fabric. 🙂

  4. 18


    I have a little quilt posted this week with some chosen fabrics for borders. Any comments or ideas…
    And… TA DA!!!
    My Stash closet got re-folded. I included it with my Design wall since that is what I spent most of my time on this past week-end.

  5. 19


    Love the colors in your upcoming project. Can’t wait to see what you do with the borders. Your borders always make the quilt pop even more.

    BTW, left a linky to my Monday’s design wall. It’s always fun seeing what everyone is working on. :o)

  6. 22


    I LOVE that quilt. It looks hard, though….is it???? NAH…you’d not have us doing anything that is too difficult for us…would you???

  7. 23


    I know I am a wee bit behind on the current quilt for an hour but I am sure I will be done before the next one. If not I will do both at once. I simply cannot miss one of your quilts.

  8. 25

    Alexandra says

    Unreal quilt Judy. Fantastic graphic design, the colours really pop. You are so creative and inventive……. note the jealousy!!

  9. 26

    Carol says

    Wow…I never would have guessed that the quilt would look like this. Can’t wait to see what the remaining borders look like.

  10. 31

    Darlene S says

    I like this one too. Judy you are not good for my UFO list. How can I get some of them done and STILL want to start a new quilt. Decisions, decisions. AND learn how to knit socks? When you do sleep!! You are a bad influence, but I love seeing what you create. Dar

  11. 32

    Jeanne Bancroft says

    I love this! It looks so complicated, until you break down the components! You always come up with the best designs!

    • 33.1


      Hermosa,hermosa, sin dudar si es el proximo proyecto on line, lo haré con usted.
      Voy terminando la hora 10 del anterior pero no he podido publicar mas que la 1 y 2. si mi máquina quiere lo verá en mi blog el miercoles.

  12. 34


    I love this quilt!! You are a really wonderful designer. However, I would be kinda mad at you if you do this on your blog because I’d have to make it and I’m really busy right now!!

  13. 36


    It looks great — where do you find all the time? I feel very lazy when I visit and see all that you’re up to. It’s rainy again today and Keith left for the rest of the week and I’m sitting on the computer feeling sorry for myself — I should get to work!

  14. 37

    Christina D says

    Love That top Judy! Those T’s go great and the colors sing! Yes, I would like
    to QFAH.
    Christina D