Speaking of Fabric Choices

A while back Vicky sent me a whole bunch of fabric that she no longer loved.  It was to be used in quilts I make and send to an orphanage in south Louisiana near where her brother lives.


This backing fabric is one Vicky sent me.  When I first saw it, I thought . . hmmm . . not sure what I’ll use it for and it wasn’t something I would have bought but isn’t it a great backing for this quilt?  If I had gone to the quilt shop to choose a backing fabric, I couldn’t have found a better fabric.  The dots kinda coordinate with the dots in the fabric in the front.

Just goes to show  . .  even a fabric that isn’t your favorite can be just what you need some day.



  1. 7

    peggy says

    Which quilt is this? Have we seen it? I love the colors, and the backing is an awesome match.

  2. 8

    Becky R says

    Wow! When you enlarge the picture it really turned out stunning. I couldn’t tell about the dots until then but it does look like it was all planned!
    Good job@!

  3. 9


    Well done for making quilts for orphans – I have a friend who is a social worker here in Britain, and the kids who get quilts truly treasure them (when so much else has gone wrong with their lives…) It makes me really happy that I share a pass-time with so many giving people.

  4. 11

    Mama Pea Quilts says

    I’ve learned to hang on to pieces of fabric that I don’t think I’ll EVER use because there have been many instances when it’s turned out to be the perfect piece a year or so down the road. Don’t know exactly how or why that happens but the theory has proven itself out to me many times.

    Kudos for the work on this quilt and your generosity.

  5. 12


    It looks great with that quilt! Thanks for making the quilts for the kids – and for helping me stash bust! xox