Kansas City Star Book

Oh, My Stars!  Make that My Stars II.  Look what the mail man brought me yesterday.


Remember a while back when I saw where Kansas City Star/Pickle Dish was asking for quilts made from any of the 25 blocks featured in this book?  My quilt made the back cover and has a full page photo inside.


The whole truth is that when I saw the note asking for quilts, I wrote and sent Diane, the editor, a copy of the EQ drawing of my quilt.  My quilt was started but wasn’t finished.  Then when Diane wrote back and said they might be interested in using my quilt and would need it within two weeks, I began searching for my quilt and couldn’t find it.  I searched and searched and finally gave up and made another one . . in about one week!  What a girl won’t do to get her quilt published in a book!  🙂

My Stars II contains 25 block designs/instruction, along with the history of  each block.  It’s very interesting and would make a great gift for a quilter or quilt collector.  If you want the book, ask your local quilt shop to get it for you or it can be ordered from Pickle Dish.



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    Yes, I remember reading about their “Call for Quilts” and blogged about it myself and even sent them a photo of a quilt but it didn’t quite meet their needs.

    I’m so excited that one you had was needed and accepted!!! Congratulations Again! How fun to be published yet again.. and the icing on the cake is that you get one of the FIRST copies of the book for FREE!!! 🙂 Lucky you + 24 other quilters!

    Love from Texas Judy!

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Congratulations, over and over again and on your book too. What a week. You should be walking on clouds.

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    Sandy says

    Way to go, Judy! You make such fantastic quilts and I am tickled you were chosen to be in the book. I can’t believe you got another quilt made in a week. Where there is a will….there is a way.


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    Linda says

    Oh Judy – you are something else!! Loosing the quilt you need! That’s funny. Congrats on having your quilt accepted! Good job making another quilt so quickly! And what about the 1st quilt? Did you find it yet?

    Linda in Calif.