Stash Idea

So many thoughts run through my head when I’m sewing.  Some of them make perfect sense . . if only to me.  There have been times in the past when I thought if I had yardage of every color in a certain line of fabric, I’d never need to buy fabric again.  The first time I had those thoughts was with Moda Marble.  For some reason, my preferences have changed and I like a heavier fabric now.  Not long ago, I thought maybe the Splash line from Blank Fabrics might be a perfect match but today, I decided it’s Dimples by Andover.  I like that fabric so much.


There’s somewhere between 130 and 140 colors in this line.  A color for every single project!  Multiple shades for every single color!  What if I used up everything I have . . ok . . maybe that will take 100 years and maybe by then Andover will no longer have the Dimples line . . but what if I start buying only Dimples fabric and what if I get every color . . maybe 10 yards of every color?  Not all at once; not this year but make that my goal.  Stop buying everything else except maybe a stripe every now and then, maybe a print I just can’t live without but for the most part, only Dimples!  When I run out of that one color, order some more of just that one color.

Do you think I could quilt that way?  I think I could!  The big challenge is using up what I have so I can replace it all with Dimples!  And, if I do that and don’t like that plan, I can just buy more fabric, right?

Back to trying to use up my stash!



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    And here I thought you were encouraging us to use the stash not enhance it?!

    I might just have to have some of these — do you have a good online source?

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    That’s a real nice fabric line. It’s a smaller scale tone on tone than the Blank’s Splash and Moda Marbles and a nicer quality too. I wish someone here would carry the whole line. It’s the best blender fabric! And that’s a great idea you have- I’m going to try it too but next year.

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    Oh, Judy, I had almost the same thoughts about Fusions 7. In fact, when I went to Lancaster last year, I bought a yard of almost every color I could get my hands on and two yards of some. Now I’m afraid to cut into it because it’s slowly disappearing from stock in so many places. I think I need several favorites. 🙂

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    Carol says

    Must stay focused and work with stash. Must refrain from going to the web site. Ooohh nice fabric. Pretty colors. What’s in the clearance section? Good resource. Thanks pdudgeon.

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    Now yer talking! I love love love love Dimples! Which reminds me — I need to finish up one of your quilt for an hour tops I have made from Dimples!

    Oh, dibbies on your Dimples stash!

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    You are a riot!!! To be honest, I can’t see you limiting yourself to just one line of fabric…even though it has OODLES of colors!

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    Judy……you need a rummage sale to get rid of everything you have now and then you can reinvest in the new stuff!!!!
    Next Spring I considering a rummage sale……….get rid of some of this ugly stuff, patterns and books and start fresh!!!

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    Judy C in NC says

    Judy – I completely agree with you. Dimples is the best line of fabric I have found for blenders – I must have about 30 colors – I love, love the look of the texture when in a quilt – the variety of colors available – any shade – Thanks heavens I already own a lot, or I would be on another hunt.
    Judy C in NC

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    Denise says

    I use Dimples a lot – especially the gold and green you have pictured – they show up repeatedly in several of my projects.

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    Rebecca says

    Dimples are fabulous blenders, but are you saying (with your “I’d never need to buy fabric again”) that you would make quilts with nothing but Dimples? I think that would be rather flat-textured, no matter what wild color combination you use.