The Neatest Lady

When we were in Paducah in April, some of the St. Louis ladies came by our cabin for apple pie.  They kept telling me about Joy, a lady in one of the St. Louis suburbs who has chickens, and all kinds of stuff.

After the Saturday workshop, we went by to see Joy and her house full of stuff.  I think I want to be like Joy when I’m her age.


These are fake chickens but aren’t they cute and . . they just made me smile as I was walking up to her door.  Look at the window of the house.  There’s so much character at Joy’s house.


This is her front door.  This is one interesting place!


These are some of her real chickens.  She had several rooms with chickens.


These are some of her gardens.  She has several greenhouses and most of the plants will soon be brought into those greenhouses.


This is Joy bending over to put a rock in the right position.  Can you see just by the way she’s dressed that she’s quite a character?  She also has bees and was painting beesewax ornaments when we arrived.  She also sent me home with some of her honey!  Such an interesting lady, and a quilter too . . a lady I will never forget!



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    You are right………She is the neatest lady….

    The kind of place where you never see everything and everytime you go again there is more to see.

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    Mama Pea Quilts says

    As I grow older and hopefully wiser (oh, please, please let me be getting just a little wiser!), I’m realizing that to experience true contentment and happiness in your life, you need to let your own true self emerge; stop caring what other people think of you and do, dress, act, work, play at what brings joy into your life.

    Joy seems as though she has the perfect name.

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    Are her chickens IN her house? How does she get rid of the “by products” AKA chicken poop? Okay—you can see I am a nurse 🙂 I certainly appreciate and support her “quirkeness”—but I don’t know about chickens in the house? Me, I just want to get to a point where I can wear linen dresses (or pants) without worrying about ironing them—and can eat ANYTHING I want, since my linen dresses will NOT have a waist, and the pants will have elastic in them!


    • 4.2


      I wash my linen and I like it soft not stiff. I wash on delicate, fluff in dryer (maybe 10 minutes) and they are great. Maybe I am older than you so this works for me! LOL
      I would love Joy and all her fun and hard work she does. thanks for sharing this.

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    Cheryl L says

    I think Patricia pretty much stated my sentiments exactly. Thanks Patricia!!! And, my first question, too, is “are those rooms of chickens IN THE HOUSE?” EWWWWWWWWW I surely hope NOT.

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      No . . not in the house. Not anywhere close to being inside the house. Chickens are rather messy creatures but I still love mine. But I don’t want them in my house either.

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    Darlene S says

    Ladies, Her chickens are NOT in the house but she does share her house with 2 Portuguese water dogs. I’ve been privileged to be her friend for many years and she is always trying something new. She could write a book on all her adventures. If only we could experience half of what she has, I’d be happy. Dar

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      Joy surely could write a book. She was so interesting. I only wish I’d had more time with her and hadn’t been so tired.