Gas Stove

Don’t you wish I’d just be quiet about that darned gas stove?  So does Vince!  I thought I had it all figured out.  Here’s the little wet bar area downstairs.  I’ve given up on getting the gas stove in the upstairs kitchen which is the real kitchen.

Left side:


Right side:


Here’s my potential plan:

  1. See that row of cabinets above the fridge?  If I moved these book cases out and put them there, I could put the fridge on this wall.  Problem:  How do you get the ice maker line there?  There’s a bedroom behind that wall.  The top cabinets would fit just fine.  I’d have to have the bottom cabinets a bit narrower (not as deep) as standard bottom cabinets though.  I don’t mind.
  2. Where the fridge currently is, I could put a 6 burner gas stove.
  3. New cabinets would have to be built to go over the sink and stove and I want a real vent (vs. a microwave charcoal filter thing).
  4. I would have to get new countertops.
  5. I would have to get new tile because there’s tile in front of the sink and in front of the door but the rest is carpet.  Don’t want carpet but there’s not a whole lot of space there to have to tile.
  6. Probably not room for a dishwasher without having to rebuild all the bottom cabinets.  Don’t want to do that.

If we did this, we could put a gas heater in the downstairs garage which is behind the wall where the stove would be.  If the power went off, we could light that heater, open the door to the house and let warm air in.  Or, we could just grab a dozen quilts and cover up and stay warm.  Now, we have no heat except the electric furnace and a generator but how much gasoline can you store?

Is it all worth it?  Probably not.  Should I just get over the burning desire for a gas stove?  Probably so.  The crazy thing is . . with Chad gone, and Vince teaching 3 nights a week, I don’t seem to be cooking too much any more.  Weird, huh?



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    Deb says

    Do you have natural gas or would you do propane? We are out in the sticks so we have propane, just runs the stove, a 100lb. bottle lasts for a year, all you need is to run a line, which you can hide pretty easily. Of course venting the hood is a bit trickier. Luckily, our stove wall is against the porch, so it was easy. Good luck. I hope you can get your stove. Dont you wish you could just design your own house the way you want it? I, of course, would love your basement sewing room! Something big enough for machines, stash, and a long arm!

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    Well Judy….your gas arrangement sounds wonderful……but you really should just build a new house and you would have everything set up the way you want it!!! Do you know they also have a generator that runs off of propane/natural gas!!!!

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    I’m NO good at figuring out room layouts. I forget now why you can’t get the gas stove put in the “real” kitchen upstairs. As for the downstairs area, do you use all the bottom cabinets that are to the left of the fridge? If you don’t, why can’t you take THEM out (and maybe repurpose them in your sewing area??) and put a gas stove where those bottom cabinets are now?

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    Like Deb we also had a propane tank for our gas stove while everything else was on different fuel sources–furnace on fuel oil, electric for water heater.
    I don’t think all towns let you put in a tank, but it would be worth a check.
    Also, there are no monthly fees like there would be with natural gas.

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    pdudgeon says

    how big is that counter area where the basket is in picture #1.?
    could you cut that down and drop a Jen-Air in there? seems to me that with two ovens upstairs in your main kitchen, you wouldn’t need a full sized regular stove with an oven downstairs.
    so maybe just a gas cook top would do?

  6. 6

    Carol says

    I know this has nothing to do with getting a gas stove (prefer gas but I have electric), what are those rolls to the right of the refrigerator? A gas cook top sounds like a good compromise.

  7. 7

    Becky R says

    Having a kitchen downstairs seems odd to me, and that’s already there! But then I just have a single level home – with a gas stove. Sorry. I would probably go out of my mind too if I had to deal with using an electric stove. Of course, we’re kind of like you said you found that you’re not cooking much now anyway.
    Keep designing so that when you can build it will be the way you want it from the start.

  8. 8


    Wasn’t there some reason the gas company wanted you to pay some sort of fee to get hooked up… and you (rightly!) said something like “I shouldn’t have to PAY to be a customer when you are going to charge me to use the gas anyway”? Did they decide you didn’t have to pay them extra to have the privilege of using the gas they’ll charge you for? What is it with “Public Utility Companies”, anyway?

    We are too far away from the gas mains to have service but we could become propane customers… then I’d have to re-design my kitchen and have it remodeled – no easy feat on a fixed income” (don’t ya just love that term?) Sooo… electric it is. Rats! I realy don’t like cooking with electricity.

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    My suggestion is to compile your wish list and consult someone in remodeling because there may be some problem you haven’t thought about. They can help you lay out your kitchen like you want and probably save you money from having to redo something.’s only money and you can’t take it with you. I say go for it and get what you’ve always wanted because you will certainly use it being the cook that you are.