Rain, Rain .. Go Away!

Before going to bed last night I could hear thunder so I  unplugged the things that matter to me . . longarm, Bernina, laptop!  When the thunder woke me up about 2 a.m., at least I didn’t have to jump out of bed, run downstairs and unplug everything.  But the rain . . it has rained and rained and rained!

Without my rubber boots, I’d be up a creek!  Wait . . I feel like I’m in the middle of a creek!  There’s water everywhere!  And moles (must be HUGE moles)  have made the biggest mess in our back yard.  With all the water, their “tunnels” have washed out and I about break my neck trying to walk back there.

wet chickens

My poor chickens . . I think they may need floaties!


“Hey!  What about us?  We could use some of those rubber boots too!”

They can go inside the coop.  It’s nice and dry in there but they might miss something and . . they’re not so smart so they probably haven’t even thought about it being dry inside the coop.  Well, I am smarter than the chickens and I hope they appreciate that I’ve been drenched to the bone at least three times today trying to make sure they’re faring as well as possible.  We (YOU, Vince!) have to come up with a better plan for keeping their food dry!



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    I’m with you on the rubber boots! I have a short pair and a knee-high pair — couldn’t live without ’em here on the farm. (Nice britches, by the way!)
    We’ve had too much rain, too, in the last day . . . My Cowboy and I were just discussing how best to keep it from running inside the east end of the barn. It’s always something . . .

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    Dj says

    Well, you know I’m getting the exact same storm you are so I’m under water as well. I also have a mole in my yard. I feel your pain. At least your feet are dry, I have no rubber boots.

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    What was that about some animals not having the sense to come in out of the rain? I know that I’ve heard it applied to domesticated turkeys, who are reputed to drown, looking straight up into the rain to try and figure out what “that stuff” is.

    But aren’t chickens a little smarter? Even a little??? Isn’t their yummy food inside the chicken hotel as a lure for them?

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    Judy in Michigan says

    Thanks for a story on the chickens. I’m so glad you are taking care of them. They are so cute. The weather report said your area was in for a lot of rain. Take care!

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    Chris says

    Here in Idaho the rain has been missing for a looong time. Sounds wonderful!

    And guess what? The city council is considering changing its “chicken rule” — currently city residents can have 25 chickens for every 5000 square feet of lot size, up to 50 chickens. And lots of people are getting chickens! Apparently there’s a teensy little problem with roosters, however, and they are amending, but say they won’t outlaw chickens altogether. It’s a nationwide trend! (And no, I don’t have any chickens although we’ve considered it.)

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    Hmmm… it is 4 pm in OKC and it is pouring down and the line is continous to Texas. And, the weather map shows rain just training up to your area. Do we need to send a rescue boat for ya soon?

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    pdudgeon says

    please save some of that rain for us! i have some Fall pansies planted, and they are looking forward to seeing some of that rain.

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    How we could do with some rain! Here in England it has hardly rained for weeks and the grass looks like it usually does in the summer.. all brown.

    Cleaned out my pond a couple of weeks ago thinking this time of year the rain would re-fill it.. but we have had to use tap water which I do not like, plus it costs money!

    Please send me two days of rain and then I’ll have the sun back.

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    Message from Judy! Her power is off so she can’t post right now. She’ll be back when they turn the electricity back on. blessings, marlene

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    Ida Lively says

    Judy posted on Facebook —

    Judy Miller Laquidara Power is off! If there’s no blog entry from me in the morning, will someone pls post a comment on the last entry and say that I have no power? some of the blog readers know we’re having awful weather and they will be worried. Thanks!