Darned Storm!

What is it with me and ridge vents?  Here’s a post almost exactly three years ago when a storm in KY blew the ridge vent off my house and water leaked into my kitchen.

I was making peanut brittle in the microwave and you know how you have to pay so much attention to what you’re doing and I happened to look up at the kitchen ceiling and saw this:


And this:


Our roof isn’t very old.  Our house is almost 7 years old but storms don’t care if it’s a new roof or an old roof I guess.

I went out and looked at the roof (like I know what I’m looking for!) and saw this:


See that raised spot in the ridge vent?  That’s right where the water spots are.  Darned ridge vent.  Vince has called a roofer and he can’t be here til Monday.  Vince will get in the attic when he gets home and see what else might be drenched up there, set out some buckets and then we’ll have to get a sheetrock guy/painter out here to fix the ceiling.  Could be worse . . the kitchen/breakfast room ceiling is one of the smaller ceiling areas in our house so we don’t have to paint anything but that one room.



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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Most of the time when a roof leaks it doesn’t leak where you think it should be leaking. Usually the roof leaks, the water follows the truss down and drops off and there is where it leaks onto your ceiling. Not always but most of the time. We have to replace our roof by this coming spring. When we had hurricane Rita, we didn’t loose a shingle. So sad, because almost everybody got a new roof in the Lake Charles area except me. My roof is bigggg. It is going to cost me a bundle.

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    We just had to get a new roof after that tree crashed onto our house at the end of July. While the work was being done and the roof was tarped, we had some wind and rain cause a couple of leaks…..so I know how you are feeling. *sigh*

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    pdudgeon says

    can’t even tell you about the bathroom leaks we’ve had that have come thru the ceiling in various apartments. at least yours is rain!

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    Pam says

    When we had our roof covered last year, my husband refused to allow the roofer to put in a ridge vent.

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    Wow – just a couple of years after I moved in here, we had a hard rain and I heard some dripping in the dining room. I walked back there to see some water dripping out of the light fixture (which was on at the time). Just as I reached for the switch to shut the darn thing off, the cover came off the light and about two bucket fulls of water fell to the floor. I was so freaked out. So, the roof on the house is only probably about six years old now. I did have some leaking after it was new because it had gotten some moss growing on it. A little Tide detergent, and that was fixed!


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    I have to remind myself that I am so much older than you are. I had to enlarge the picture to find the problem. But then I am not there.

    If Lem were there he would be on a ladder with his bottle of white out. He thinks it is touch up paint.