Lights are On!

Electricity is back on!  Last night I had just finished up on the longarm, sat down at the computer to read the last of the email before going  up to get ready for bed and . . total darkness.  There’s our house and four or five more that are on the same “circuit”.  Everyone else had power!  Took my shower by candle light, posted on Facebook with the BlackBerry, went to bed . . thinking about the big fat rat I’d seen running along the creek bank yesterday . . wishing Mr. Kitty still lived here.  At least it was plenty cool enough to sleep without air conditioning.

So, now the power is back on, but I’m behind on everything I needed to get done today.

It’s still raining!



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    You can shower when the electricity is out??!! You city girl! When we lose power, we lose our water (well with pump). Glad your power is back on!

  2. 3

    Mary Powers says

    I’m glad you’ve got power, Judy. Seems like everything comes to a halt when it goes out.

    I’m know this rain is creating a hardship for many areas. In central Texas we’ve been experiencing a severe drought for the last two years. For us it’s a blessing, and we could use still more to replenish our lakes.

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    It always catches me off-guard when the power goes off…..usually take for granted each day what we do that uses electricity…and then I’m lost when the power goes out!

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    Carol says

    I know what it’s like to be on “the circuit” that goes out with every gust of wind and every form of precipitation. It was common in my house to have a flashlight in every room because the power would go out any time year round. Finally the power company fixed it. Yeah, I’m a city girl, I can take a shower without power until the hot water runs out!

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    Glad the electric’s back Judy. What ever happened to Mr. Kitty? I remember him being in your garage and then I probably got busy being lazy and missed what happened to the little guy.

  6. 7

    Trish says

    Send some of that rain to Virginia – we need it BADLY!! I can live without the storms, but we definitely need some rain…