About Design Wall Monday

When I started posting Design Wall Monday, it was mostly to get me moving by being accountable for having something to show on my design wall.  Through the week, the thought of Design Wall Monday is kinda halfway on my mind and a goal is to have either something new on the design wall or show significant progress on what’s already on the wall.

But, Design Wall Monday isn’t “Show Something New on Your Design Wall Monday”.  There may be times when I have nothing on my design.


There may be times when I have the same thing on my design wall for weeks with little or no visible progress.

The point is to “show what’s on your design wall”.  If knowing Monday is coming gives us the impetus to make progress, good.  If not . . all I’m asking is that you show what’s currently on your wall.  Just think . . if it’s the same thing for four weeks in a row,  you don’t even have to waste time taking a picture . . just use the one from last week!  🙂

All of us need to see that others have times with a completely empty wall and some of us have weeks with the same few boring blocks on our wall.

No stressing over Design Wall Monday, ok?



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    I read your previous post….. there is nothing on your wall – not even a rogue thread!

    Sometimes I need a few weeks to think about what’s the next step. And it is a great way of asking for opinions from others.

    And, I think having this series of posts have helped some of us to get that design wall up and some things moving on it. Just like the stash busting reports have helped in looking at the stash with a new way.

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    Good News! I thought maybe I was the only one who had no progress and was afraid to put up the same ol’ picture. It seems that I am quite contrary (if that is the right word) because now that I have a neat sewing room, I don’t feel inspired to do any sewing.??? why???

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    There’s usually something on mine… but it might vary a bit too much. I seem to be having a problem finishing stuff. I rotate things around a lot. Even though I’m just getting started, it seems like I should just have a more stuff done and not quite so many started. I did just finish my first little quilt this afternoon, though, so yay!

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    Sandy says

    Love the idea, this will make some of us get to work so we don’t use the same pic every week. Great motivator, sneaky, but, great.

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    carol c says

    i wish i had a design wall, more so a place for it. i saw my first real design walls at the retreat in Mt. Calm Tx, the compass centre. walls all the way around of them. and work stations, even a fabric room, and supply room. and it was
    heaven. Just real heaven. when I grow up (i am 59) I want a room like that. design walls and work stations and lots of room! room to walk, room to slide the chair, meals fixed for you. Oh Judy if you only knew -NOW YOU DO-I live thru your design wall-lol

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    For me funnily enough it is more of a motivator to actually sew than counting the stash every was. So even if it’s empty I accept your invitation and will post a blank wall if necessary.

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    Thanks Judy. Some weeks I don’t play along because I don’t feel like I’ve got anything new to show. Others I’ve spent cutting or finishing so no designing. I usually pick up some steam again after seeing everyone else’s work, though. But yes, some weeks I just don’t have new – but now I will still show:)

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    For me, it is serving your original purpose. It makes me work harder to get something new up there every week. Sometimes, however, things just don’t move as quickly toward completion as I’d like, and the wall gets boring. (Like this week for me, for instance.) But it does keep me moving forward, and that’s why I started joining in. I like the incentive! Thanks for sponsoring it . . . I hope you keep it going.

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    What makes you think I’m stressing just because I blogged that I was a failure at Design Wall Monday because of those darn pink and brown blocks??

    I love the idea — wish I worked faster so I could have something new EVERY week — and love seeing what everyone’s working on.