Keeping it Clean

Maybe the only way to keep my sewing area clean is to quit sewing and you know that’s not going to happen.

I’ve tried this:


It’s a giant lint roller.  It works really nicely on quilts that are already quilted to remove fuzz and threads from the top.  Yes, there’s a dog butt sticking out from under his quilt.

Hey . . maybe the handy dandy giant lint roller can clean the threads off my empty design wall!


I don’t see it empty very often but it surely is a mess.

Here’s the after shot!  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?


Then there’s this thing:


It does a real good job of picking up little jiblets of fabric and thread tails and I don’t have to keep buying refills of sticky sheets.


Just grab the little  handle, lift out the little container and dump it.

When I’m really trying to keep the room nice, and I really am, I use this:


I fear I’m becoming anal about keeping the room clean.  That would be weird for me.  But, despite my efforts, I still seem to be losing the battle to keep my tops free of loose threads.  Tell me the trick . . those who send quilts to me to be quilted, you have to know something I don’t know.  Everyone’s tops are always so neat and free of threads.  Mine . . I’m tempted to send them back to the top maker and say “clean this up and send it back to me” but then I remember . . I am the top maker.



  1. 1

    pdudgeon says

    Judy i have absolutely no idea how those quilters keep their tops free of threads. if you find out, let us know!

  2. 2

    Sandy says

    Maybe Speck was hiding afraid you were going to get the vacuum out. Pets always do seem to find nice warm spots.

    I seem to mess up my sewing room alot. I need a bigger room!

  3. 3


    Having discovered how much more pleasant it is to work in a clear space and how much easier it is to locate what I need, I now clear up after each project. That is another thing. I have moved all but the current projects to another room. Out of sight – Out of mind. Otherwise I would still be jumping from one project to another. This limits my view of what is actually here and I can concentrate on a fewer number. Of course there are those things that will not let go of your shirt tails and DEMAND your attention.

  4. 4

    Linda C says

    Heh. Loose threads, and cat hair. My one cat has a proprietary interest in my quilting: new fabric brought in from the store must be laid on, quilts must be inspected. If I have a tray of pieces I am working from, he nests in them if not prevented.

    I use a sticky-tape lint roller as I do the final pressing; roll, press, roll, press, roll, and then the project goes into under wraps, either sent right out or wrapped in fabric and put up for later.

  5. 5


    Gee, I’ve never thought about threads on my tops. Are you finding a lot of them when you load them to quilt? I know when I’m sewing, I seem to end up with thousands of pieces of thread on the floor around my sewing machine. I’ll have to be more conscious of getting them thread-free when the top is done, so you won’t have to clean them up while you’re quilting.

  6. 6


    I was just noticing the same thing. Little bits of thread on *everyting* in my sewing room. And it seems worse since I cleaned. Maybe the secret is a messy room, so there are other places for the threads to stick?

    My latest quilt has fuzz all over it, front and back, from the lovely soft batting I bought. Never had this before so I’m tempted to go back to my other batting, but this batting is sooooo soft.

    Where did you find that giant lint roller? It looks like a great tool.

  7. 7

    Julianne says

    I try to keep a trash can handy for me to drop the threads is as I clip but, I still have threads every where. I guess keeping a vacuum plugged in and ready would help me.. I wonder if I could vacuum the top itself with the attachment? I think so? But I know I won’t. I have taken quilts after the quilting and put them in the dryer…no heat just fluff. Seems to take off most of the loose threads and lint.

  8. 8

    Sharlene says

    I sew on and off of a starter piece of fabric so I don’t have to snip threads. Is that where they are coming from?
    My problem is pins all over the floor. Dangerous

  9. 9


    Don’t know if this is what you mean but I put the top into the dryer on the fluff cycle. It’s gentle and no heat and takes off thread bits.

  10. 10


    My quilt buddy and I found a new thing at Trends last month that is wonderful on the design wall. It’s called a “cotton picker”. Check it out.
    I looks like a dish scrubby mitt, but it really works. Better than the sticky sheets.

  11. 11


    Yes….please tell us where you got that long-handled lint roller, okay? I will keep watching to see all the good tips on keeping quilt tops free of thread pieces… I surely don’t know how to keep mine free from that!!!

  12. 13


    As I sew rows of blocks together I snip off all the loose threads and put them in the thread catcher. You could also use a piece of double sided carpet tape on the table close to your machine. And when I’m finished the quilt top, I always fold it so the seams are on the inside and there are no exposed loose threads to fall or get stuck on something. Also whenever I get up from the sewing machine I use the lint roller on the front of my clothes even my lower pant legs. There always seems to be threads caught there. I hope I don’t sound like I’m OCD but these little things help in the battle of the loose threads. Have a great day!

  13. 15

    carol c says

    i cannot allow threads anywhere on the floor etc, my 3 cats-it is too dangerous. But when i do sew at home, i have them all over me. lint turner goes on me-lol. wouldnt mind one of those on a stick, never saw that before Judy. I need to sew so bad. Back from a half day at a retreat Wed. and all I been doing is bringing home free stuff. so today I said enough and began to rearrange again. moved the cat pans
    out from under my cutting table. and they have to be introduced to the new location, now I have a place for my crumb hampers. FULL. and then the kits I brought home for the soldier quilts had to find a place to dwell. and then went to quilt guild and you should hear the singing quilter Judy. She is so funny, just quilt it out-lol. got a pulled seam-just quilt it out-LOL