Design Wall Monday – October 12, 2009

Simple blocks on my design wall, but hopefully it’s a quilt that will make someone smile.  I can’t remember how I heard about it but a couple of weeks ago I heard about a project on Downy’s website to provide quilts for kids through “Touch of Comfort“.  They will send you the fabric already cut, you make the top, quilt it, bind it and send it back.  I ordered a kit and my goal is to make 3 quilts from my own stash and send the 4 tops back before I head back to St. Louis.  Here’s the center part of the top from their kit:


These tops can really be made in an hour or two.  I have lots of leftover pieces of wide backing fabrics and batting so these quilts will help clean out my “leftovers pile” and hopefully make a child feel good.

What’s on your design wall?  Remember . . just a candid shot of your design wall please.


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    I think Mr. Linky might be acting up – I was astounded to log on at 6:30 and find 24 people have already put up Design Wall replies – but it looks like it somehow carried over the Stashbusting ones from yesterday. Don’t know if you have any way to clear them, but thought I’d let you know!

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    Yep, I saw that too – I added a link to my design wall, but if you have to delete the Mr. Linky box to clear things up, I’ll repost later in the day….

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    Going away today so I’ve added my link here. Will check in tomorrow. Judy the group you got the kit from sounds like an easy way to help out. I’ll look into it. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Thanks for taking the pressure off Design Wall Monday reports. Can’t tell you how long my Disappearing Nine Patch has been on my wall……LOL. Love your little quilt this week.

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    Ok, Your encouragement is working! I dug around and found a top to hang on the wall for a day and am going to get it quilted! It is written where all can see, so now I HAVE to do it, right??!!

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    Cleary Kipe says

    Thanks for the site about the kids I place an order and will be blogging about it on my blog. Getting alot of stuff done with having the Design Wall Monday. I hope you keep doing this.
    Cleary K.

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    Jeanne says

    I went direct to the site as soon as I read your post. I ordered a kit and will probably start making one of my own before hand. Looks like “Millie” will be running on weekends! This is a great way to hopefully put some smiles on some young faces! Thanks!

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    I’m late in posting, but it’s still Monday… Check out my Sylvia’s Bridal sampler this week. Some of the sashings are just pinned in place but it’s looking pretty darn good to me.

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    Mine is empty which is good since I finished the Brown and Pink top this week. I doubt I’ll get anything else up this week before leaving on Friday but I’m looking forward to starting a couple new projects when I get home from Boston (that’s the trip AFTER this next one!)

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    Thanks for posting the link for the children’s hospital quilts. I will definitely be making some quilts for this great cause. Always nice to find another good cause to donate too!

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    Kathie says

    I just today quilted up one of those quilts for kids quilts. fun and quick to do and love the bright fabrics.