Janome Gem Platinum 760

Anyone got one?


Don’t you get so frustrated with people who say they are never buying more fabric and then order 10 bolts of fabric?  What about people who say they’re never going to buy a new sewing machine and then they see this cute little Janome Gem Platinum 760 at a workshop and they really want one?

It’s Cindy’s fault!  By the time people read my blog long enough, I’ll have no friends because if Elaine isn’t getting blamed for something, Cindy is.  I haven’t bought the machine yet (and neither has Cindy) but . . we’re not home yet either.

Anyone have any thoughts you’d like to share on this machine?




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    I work at a Hancock Fabric store and have sold several. Almost all the women have came back in and thanked me for showing them this machine. They love it. Shirley

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    Carol Kimble says

    Yes – I have one and I love it! I got a really good deal with the machine and quilting kit at MQS a couple years ago from a dealer in Missouri – I think anyway. It is a great little machine – tough, too!

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    Becky I says

    I don’t own the Janome Jem but I do own a Janome Heart Truth. I LOVE IT! I don’t think you can go wrong with a Janome no matter which model. Having said all that, If you choose to buy one it isn’t my fault. Pleave Vince, don’t blame me, I only answered her question. lol

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    Becky R says

    I think it is like the one I bought from Sears – but it’s pink. It was made by Janome. I think it was less than $100. Haven’t used it much but carried it from Calif to Florida a couple of years ago so that I could sew in my room at night while attending a conference!

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      Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

      I have one and think it is great to take to retreats and classes. For my everyday piecing I prefer my Brother 1500 but this is so light and small it is easy to pack up and take with me. I don’t break my back toting it around!

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    Diane says

    MANY ladies in my guild own various Janome Gems and I have only heard wonderful things about them.

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    I own the 760 which is a step above the 720 and the JemGold and JemSilver. I love it. My GC use it often. I also own the 6500P, 10000/1 and 2 JemGolds. Yes I’m a Janome lover. It’s a very nice machine and perfect for classes.

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    Donna in KS says

    I think it would be wonderful if you could win one! I have been very pleased with mine; it was one of the best purchases I have made. And I’m sure not taking any blame either; credit, yes!

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    Trish says

    I have one — I one it as the grand prize for our Middle Tennessee Shop Hop. I had already purchased the Janome Gem Gold. I love both of them. The Platinum is more versatile because it has more stitches and I can do buttonhole stitch (blanket stitch) applique with it. I take it on retreats with me. It was a beautiful stitch. My advice is to not hesitate and buy it. As much traveling as you do, you won’t regret it. It’s a little machine, but sews like a big one. What are you waiting for???

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    I had the original Gem, and while it was a very good machine, it didn’t have the needle down feature that I use so much. I’m sure they’re vastly improved over the last few years. I gave it away, and got myself a refurbished Bernina 135 for classes. I love it.

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    Cassie in MO says

    I bought mine for taking to classes and haven’t regretted it a bit. I keep it in a Tutto bag that also has room for all the basic supplies, so all I have to do is pack up the day’s fabrics and a ruler or two, and I’m off. Some people say something about you can never be too rich or too thin, but I think you can never have too much fabric or too many sewing machines. (Until reality sets in and you’ve run out of both money and space. Oh well. I guess that’s what stash-busting is for.)

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    I have a Baby Lock Audrey – same concept – lightweight and great for classes & travel.
    I’ve had no problems – sews well. Still prefer my Pfaff or Bernina for home sewing but the Baby Lock sure comes in handy when I’m away from home.

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    Kathy says

    I have one and I love it. It does have one problem though. Every once in a blue moon, it keeps running. You take your foot off the pedal, and it still stitches for about 20 stitches. So then for a while, I have to use the little manual switch on the machine to run it for a while. And then it will start working right again. Even though with this fault (and my friends does the same thing), I LOVE it. I bring it to all the retreats and classes in town, and I leave my bernina at home set up.

    • 12.1

      Becky I says

      My Janome did that. When I called the store they talked me thru and adjustment inside of my presserfoot. Now it works beautifully!

      • Kathy says

        Becky, do you know how to change that? My dealer is less than stellar in the help department. would love to fix that little problem.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I have a Pfaff and a Bernina and I love them both. I also have a Janome Harmony. The Harmony was made for Sears. It has a great stitch and is light weight and great to haul around. The only draw back to it, is that it must be oiled often. And it is not easy to oil. You have to take off the end, which is a chore in itself, oil several places and then try to get the end back on. I hate oiling machines. My Bernina has one spot at the bobbin case and every now and then I oil the Pfaff at the same place. I cannot find anything in the book about oiling the Pfaff. I do it because it sounds better. So, if you want the machine, because it is light and is easy to haul around and it has a nice stitch and you don’t mind oiling it (it is possible that this model will not need to be oiled like mine) then go for it and buy it. I love sewing machines and am thinking of buying a new one to replace my Janome (I hate oiling it, did I say that before?).

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    I think mine might be the Platinum 720 — I bought it to carry to HeartStrings sew-in’s and I’ve been happy with it. I don’t use it at home but it’s nice to have a lightweight machine when I’m going out to sew.

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    Deb says

    I would like to get one also. I already have 20 machines, and am buying another Pfaff Grand Quilter from a friend. (I have one on my short arm). I have a “thing” for great running machines, so I have several. It is always a hard decision as to which one to bring to retreats. The GQ is FAST, and I love that about it, but is only a straight stitch. Anyway, I would buy it, but then, I might not be a good person to ask….

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    I have the Gem Gold and it is an awesome machine! It’s a real workhorse and makes a beautiful straight stitch and has probably the most accurate 1/4″ seam of all of my machines.

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    I have the Platinum 760. I have had it for about a year and a half. I love it. It is my “to go” machine. I use it for bees/classes/etc. I also have the Sew Ezi table with it. I also love it because it uses the same feet as my 6500.

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    Judy – I actually won a Jem Gold 2 at MQX last year. It’s a great little machine, especially for toting to classes. I think it actually weighs less than a Featherweight (which I also own). If there is one thing I don’t like about it (and it’s rather a small thing) it’s that there are a fixed number of stitches on the machine and from those stitches you must select the one that will give you the stitch length and width you want. For example, if you want a zig zag stitch, there are three of them: one is short stitch length and width, one is medium stitch length and width, and one is long stitch length and wide. You can’t, for example, have a short stitch length with a wide bite. Sometimes when I’m doing machine applique, I like a little more latitude in my stitching. Other than that, it’s da bomb! And winning one is GREAT! The Platinum 760 has more stitches than the Jem Gold 2, so it’s bound to be more versatile. I say go for it!

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    I have one. It’s so lightweight and so easy to take on outings. It has a good stitch. Now it’s nothing like my home piecing machines (Pfaff and Viking), and it doesn’t have needle down, which I really miss when using it, and also it stitches slowly, but it is wonderful to have a machine that is that portable and lightweight. You need to have the sewing table with it, if you’re using to sewing at home with one, you’ll go nuts without it.

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    quilterbee says

    This machine has needle down needle up feature, you can adjust the width and length of stitches, it has three speeds, and quite a few built in stitches including one step button hole. It sews really well and is light weight. You can run it using the foot pedal or the manual button. It has a needle threader. It also comes with a hard case. Six ladies from the quilt shop all went together and each got one from a local dealer. They got a good deal on the price that way. Don’t forget to buy the quilter’s kit with it and extra bobbins. You can also get a portable plexiglass extention table. I think you would be very happy with this machine for your travels.


    • 20.1

      quilterbee says

      The platium 720 that my sister has doesn’t have the needle up needle down or as may stitches as the 760. I would buy the 760 model for the more options it has. She loves her 720.


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    Barbara says

    I have owned this machine. For the money you cannot go wrong. Great little class machine. I used it for mostly small projects. Paid $420 new. So shop around you can get a deal.

    The only reason I still don’t have it is that I am not a fan of snap on feet.(Any brand)

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    Devil’s advocate here (or is it Vince’s? LOL): Don’t you have a Singer 301? They are real workhorses, lightweight and great for travel. And those old Singers really DO sew a perfect stitch. Zig-zagging is not an option, but when have you ever actually needed it on the road? If you’re doing a lot of machine applique – sure, but I don’t usually see applique quilts on your blog…. 😉

    • 22.1


      I have this machine and I dearly love it. I also have a featherweight that I love. Those two machines are my on the go girls. Mz Bernina does not leave the house until it is time for her yearly check up.

      The 760 is terrific.


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    Martha says

    The Jem Platinum 760 is a great little machine. I bring it to workshops etc. Needle down feature is great, that wasn’t on the first Jem Gold I had. The weight was a real selling point too. Of course after I bought the Platinum I bought a Featherweight and then found a cute 301 for $15. If you need a zigzag with the 301 you can always use a zigzag attachment. I’m having separation anxiety because I left my 301 at our summer house for the winter last weekend. I still have my Bernina 1090, Jem and FW plus a serger, so I’m not lacking a machine!

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    Diane says

    wow! after reading all these comments. I WANT ONE too! An d I wasn’t even looking for a new machine. I have a Pfaff 4.0, which I love, but it is heavy to haul around. Christmas is coming…..
    Good luck deciding. I think the majority is saying “go for it!”

  25. 25


    Janhome made the small Blue Sears one… same body shape…… several stitches.. I got mine off ebay new… 6 7 years ago.. it fits in a normal suitcase w wheels. I have taken it couple times a year on business trips,, even strapped it on the back of motorcycle once! Id check Sears, They have changed colors but I think still have the same machine. $100 is a good deal for a traveling machine.

    My blue one is named ‘smurf’ Girlfreind got one, calls hers ‘the blueberry’.. pretty well traveled lil machines. enjoy ~

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    Kerstin says

    I bought the AQS special edition Jem last summer and I love it! It only weight 12lbs and is perfect for travel. In some ways it sews better than my Janome 6500.

  27. 27


    I have a Janome Jem…won it about 8 years ago from a quilt shop in New England. I use it as my class or travel machine…love, love, love it! I’ve even used it to quilt since it comes with a free-motion foot. I highlyl recommend it as a light-weight machine that can be loaded into the overhead bin on an airplane or easily carried to class.

  28. 28

    Rose in MN says

    Have a friend that owns the Jem Gold; she loves hers. Our local dealer is excellent for service, etc. which is very important with any sewing machine. I have drooled over the machine and just may buy one eventually for the fact it is a workhorse, lightweight for traveling. I own a Janome 4000 which I really love; don’t need all the bells and whistles as I primarily do quilt piecing.

  29. 30


    I don’t have that particular model, but I do have three Janome machines — the original Gem, the MC4000, and the 6500P — and they are all good machines and very reliable. Also good value for the money. If you buy that machine, I think you will be very happy with it!

    • 30.1

      Lisa says

      I have the Janome AQS 2009.


      I was looking for a lightweight travel machine with a good stitch and needle up/down. It has fewer stitches than other jem platinum models, but I don’t mind that. It was a little less $$, and has the stitches I am likely to use while sewing away from home.

      I love the weight for travel. The hard cover is nice to have. I love the stitch quality, and how bright and cool the LED light is. I love the sound it makes. It just sounds like a good machine. I have the extension table and find it useful.

      I bought a sewing machine brush to add to my travel kit. It was odd that the machine did not come with a brush for cleaning!

      The only thing I haven’t been entirely pleased with is the Janome feet. I sew on a Pfaff at home, and I am spoiled by the variety of high quality feet. I miss my clear 1/4″ foot. I prefer good visibility rather than the guide attached to the side of the foot. Sometimes, my seams are too shallow using a foot with a guide. I see something called the Little Foot from online vendors that I may try out soon. I wish I could find it in a physical store where I could give it a try before buying.

      I was missing my open toe applique foot, and have bought one from brother that fits and is comparable to the Pfaff foot I prefer.

      I don’t regret buying my AQS2009. I am happy with my purchase. I am just advising that you think about whether you would prefer alternative feet, and think ahead on the sewing machine brush too.

      • Lisa says

        I was looking at the Janome web site, and I just noticed that there appears to be a new (or new to me) clear 1/4 inch foot manufactured by Janome. Can’t wait to go see if my Janome dealer has it. 🙂

  30. 31


    I have one and use it all the time. It fits into a Walmart rolling tool case and I can take it anywhere. It lives in the garage between outings. I love it and highly recommend it.

  31. 32

    Linda says

    I kind of had my eye on that one, but it’s kind of expensive for a second machine that mainly gets used for Quilt Club meetings. Then I came across a Brother CS6000 at Wal*Mart for $185 and bought it instead. Sews nice and much cheaper.

  32. 33

    Michelle F says

    I have the Jem Platinum 720. It DOES have needle up and needle down. I really love it. I also have a Featherweight that I don’t particularly care for. ( But looks so cute!) My big machine is a Bernina 1530 which I love, love, love! The Janome’s feed feels different from the Bernina but you get used to it. I think that you will like it. I would like a SewEZ table to go with it but am using a little table from Sam’s right now which is fine.


  33. 34

    Angie S. says

    I have a 760 that I bought almost three years ago, and I love it! It’s light, works great, and has everything that I need except a bigger throat for quilting in! I still quilt small quilts with it, and wouldn’t trade it in for anything!

  34. 35

    Kathy Nyman says

    I have two Janomes and I do have the Gem Plantinum and I just love it. I also have the extension table for both of mine and I think that makes piecing so much easier.
    It does everything I need it to do.

  35. 36

    Maxi in CA says

    I just bought this one in August to use traveling in the motorhome. It is really a great little machine. It replaced my Jem Gold because I needed more stitches and ability to make a narrow zigzag, since I like to do machine applique. Just pieced a queen size quilt with it. Love the quillter’s kit that came with it.

  36. 37


    I have the 760 and love it to carry to workshops etc…I have the 6500 and it is way too heavy for me…the only drawback is the automatic thread cutter that I have gotten use to…the feet are interchangeable so I like that aspecit also…a great machine in my opinion.

  37. 38

    Vickie says

    I have an amazing Bernina, but it cost more than my husbands work car and one day on my way to a sewing outing with friends, I almost slipped on the ice. Now … why on earth would you tote that big, expensive machine out in the snow and ice. I told my spouse I was buying the lil Jem Gold. I LOVE IT. It fits in several of my totes or bags, it’s super lightweight, it sews beautifully, and it has a great selection of stitches. Only thing that I would complain about is that it sews somewhat slow … when I am in a rush. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat.
    Enjoy 🙂

  38. 39


    I have a 760, bought it as my first machine, and I love it! It is a great workhorse and I love the way it pieces. I side with Cindy, get one!

  39. 40

    okperi says

    It is a great little machine, and the only reason I say little is because it is so light. I think you would enjoy it a lot.

  40. 41

    neen says

    I love how these Gem’s work but I’ve resisted buying one for one big reason.

    Jenome’s have drop in bobbins. The machines I’ve seen have less bobbin capacity than the side or front bobbins. (Plus, if you’re quilting on something and run out of bobbin thread, you have to take your project off the machine to change it.)

    Just my opinion…..

  41. 42


    I have the 760 for my class/workshop machine. It’s great because it’s lightweight and it sews as nice as my “at-home” Bernina. I love mine and recommend it highly for traveling.