Almost Finished Another One

This is the one I’m thinking of doing for the next Quilt for an Hour.  Still thinking . .   it’s not hard but I can imagine that there will be some moaning and groaning about it.


Quilted, binding is on but not finished.  I have to say . . I really like this one!  It needs a name.  Any ideas?



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    Penny says

    I really like it. Not sure that I have time for another right now, I’m still trying to finish Freeze Frame so I’m glad you are keeping all the instructions on the site.

    As for a name for this one – what about “T-Junction”? (it was the first thing that came in to my head!)

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    I love this one! Particularly the border – I’m hoping you do this one as a QFAH just so I can get my hands on the directions for the border!

    Don’t worry about those grumblers – some of them are good-natured, and the rest seem to forget sometimes that you are providing something for free which they could just choose not to do!

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    Oh Oh Oh please please do this one as QFAH. I love it. I started the last one and I WILL finish it but I got a little behind. Life, you know.

    Thanks Judy, for your blog, and for sharing your beautiful quilts

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    Cindy B says

    First thing I saw was splats of color, so Splat in the name would be fun. This design will appeal to the younger crowd too. Most of the younger women I know (daughters, friends of daughters) don’t like the classic quilt designs much for their homes.

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    Judi says

    I also love this quilt. I hope you either give it as a quilt for a hour or publish it. No help with the name sorry.

  6. 9


    Something about this quilt reminds me of Tinker Toys so that is the name I suggest. Very sharp looking quilt, but I simply can’t start another project this year…I just can’t…I just can’t. Well maybe.

  7. 10

    KatieQ says

    When I looked at the picture of your new quilt, it reminded me of throwing a pebble in a pond. The splash moves away from where the pebble went in and causes ripples on the surface. That’s why I think “Neon Splash” is a good name. I have to admit, now that I’ve seen it in print, the name doesn’t have the same appeal.

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    Diane says

    Oh that is beautiful, I, too, hope you opt for the QFAH. I’m new to this blogger land thing and would really like to try one of yours. A name? maybe Crossing T’s

  9. 12

    Judy C in NC says

    PETUNIA – I honestly cannot tell you why, but the first instant that I saw this quilt I thought “Petunia” would be a great name. I really believe that some quilts name themselves. My humble opinion from Judy C in NC

  10. 15

    Bev/Mo says

    Wow, Kati Q…I love her suggestion of Neon Splash! Great name….
    I second that suggestion.

  11. 16

    Denise says

    Argyle Square — the way the design criss-crosses and the border remind me of argyle sock patterns. 🙂
    It’s a great design Judy!

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      Lydia says

      And I immediately thought “Argyle Sox” when I looked at it! So that’s my suggestion. –Lydia

  12. 17


    No moaning and groaning from me! I love this one!!! Please share the pattern even if you decide not to do it for a QFH project. This is way better than the last one, IMHO. :~)

  13. 19


    Wow! I think I may just have to participate in my first Quilt for an Hour project! I LOVE it!!!! I think you should do an EQ lesson on how you do those neat borders.

  14. 20


    Laugh if you will, but what jumped to mind was “Rainbow Icepops”.
    I’d love to do this one – no groans from me either! 🙂

  15. 22

    Marla Southers says

    What a beauty! “Gems & Jewels” is what comes to my mind! Quartz, saphires, emeralds and all!

  16. 23

    Dorothy says

    I love it, so bright, while I like the the name Neon Splash, I think Gem and Jewels fits too!

    Yes, please do the pattern for a QFH!

  17. 24


    I think this quilt is just stunning! I’ve really liked all of your quilts, but there is something about this one that stands out. I’m SO busy right now, but if you do decide to to a Quilt for an Hour, I think I’d have to join in…

  18. 25


    I like “Sparkle Pop” for the name. It looks like big yummy popcicles to me. HAHAHA I just looked again at what I wrote and was reminded of “Snap, Crackle and Pop”. Is that a Copywrited name??? Will wait for the QFAH on this one too…

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    How about CROWN JEWELS ? Looks like crowns to me in jewel tones. Beautiful color choices by the way.

  20. 29


    Royal Tee.

    I’m awful with naming quilts. (Remember “Liquorice”? LOL) It’s a great quilt. No moaning here either, but probably no time!

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    Deb says

    Love it. You are very generous for doing quilt for an hour, or any of the free patterns. You could do DOZENS of books or patterns, all of which I would BUY. You have such a gift.
    I think all of your patterns are so unique compared to most of what is out there now. Thanks for sharing. With every one you make, it still amazes me how much I love them ALL. This usually doenst happen with anyone’s favorite artist, music, books, even quilters, but so far you are batting 100% with me!

  22. 31

    Linda says

    I like it too!!! Gorgeous. I keep telling myself I’m not starting anything new until I get a little more caught up, but this might be the exception. At the very least I’ll have to print out the instructions to make later. Just love the colors you chose!!

  23. 35

    Donna says

    This quilt is a breath-taker! It’s so pretty! I immediately thought of jewels and crystals. Jewels because of the colors and crystals because of all the ‘facets’ the quilt has.

    I love your blog and am a huge fan! Please keep doing what you like to do.

    Donna in Tulsa

  24. 36

    dawn says

    looks like daisy chain over fiesta to me.
    the white and yellow portions look like daisies to me.

  25. 37

    JoanS says

    “After the Spring Rain” is what this quilt looks like to me! After the rain stops, the spring colors pop against the blue skies.

  26. 38

    Cathy in Kansas says

    The quilt is beautiful. It reminds me of a “Birthday Party” with lots of presents, party hats, confetti and candles on the cake.

    I really enjoyed your workshop yesterday. Thank you for sharing with us.

  27. 41

    bettina says

    alittle off subject do any of you use anti fray spray and does it work i am currently working on a quilt but the ends are fraying and i dont know what to do

  28. 42

    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    That is one great quilt…I would love to do it! Doesn’t matter what you name it, I’m going to call it ‘beautiful’. There are many good suggestions here for a name.

  29. 43

    Maxi in CA says

    I really like this one and would like to make it. First thought for a name is “Morning Starburst.” A lot of pretty name suggestions.

  30. 45


    Great quilt, count me in on the your next quilt for an hour. The first thing that came to mind when I looked at your quilt was “Cross Fire”. But, I do like “Tinker Toys”.
    Great job, great blog and great quilts.
    Sandy in Tulsa/Skiatook, OK

  31. 47

    Darlene S says

    I love this one. I have not done a QFAH yet, but this one is definitely a tempting one to start. It reminds me of a Spring garden full of beautiful colors. Some names that come to mind are: Mardi Gras Garden, Lollipop Fiesta, Springtime in Missouri.

  32. 51

    Carol says

    Beautiful quilt. What an eyepopper! Love all the names. My seem kind of lame but here goes…”Jeweled Reflections” or “Laser Scatter” or “Jeweled Echoes”. Thanks again Judy for sharing with us!

  33. 52


    I love the quilt! I hope this is the next one!! the blocks look like Christmas packages and they also look like fireworks. Again, Love it!

  34. 58

    bert says

    It is a lovely quilt. Love the pattern. I am a beginner quilter. Is this going to be difficult or at least to difficult for a beginner. Also is it going to be hard to enlarge the pattern to a queen size? I did the last one and really enjoyed the challenge of the daily hour which for me was much more than an hour.

  35. 59


    I hope you decide to use this quilt for the quilt for an hour project. The colors and the design really draw the eye!

  36. 62

    Kerri says

    Wowser! I love this one. It is so striking. I will do my best to keep up with the quilt for an hour!

  37. 63

    Ann Sandberg` says

    Gorgeous quilt!

    Name: Spring Porcupine Tulips
    Best of Show Tulips
    Fenced in Tulips
    Broken Fence Tulips

  38. 64

    valerie says

    I would love for this to be the next quilt for an hour. It is very striking.
    I don’t know why but it reminds me of Futuristic travel.

    Thanks for all of your imaginative ideas and inspiration.