Sewing Machine Decision

A new sewing machine did not come home with me.  Thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts on the machine.  It isn’t that I’m a Bernina snob (maybe) but I love my Bernina so much, I’m just not ready to buy somethng besides a Bernina.  And, for traveling, nothing is going to beat the Singer 301 for me.

Maybe I’ll just leave the check book and credit card behind from now on and then no matter how much I’m tempted to buy a new machine . . I can’t do it!  🙂



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    neen says


    You are right about the 301. Nothing compares. One of these days, I’ll teach you how to free-motion quilt on it. They do wonderful work!

    Which reminds me. I have to take one of my black ones over to So. Portland, to have gear surgery, so that I can take it with me, this winter.

    I almost bought a new machine, this summer, and then thought, “what could that new machine do that I would need another machine for?” The answer was, “Nothing.” That answer saved me a lot of money!

    Have fun sewing!

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    I understand your thoughts. I love my Pfaffs (older versions, not the newer ones). When they reach the point of no return, will probably replace them with Berninas for their quality. Just hate their price. With today’s economy, will probably have to settle for what I need vs what I want. Sigh

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    Darlene S says

    I too have 2 Berninas and don’t need any other for most things. I use my Singer featherweight when I know that all I’m doing is piecing. They are so portable and siimple. I’m proud that you resisted the purchase of the new machine. Your Bernina would feel neglected. 🙂 🙂

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    Judy, I just bought a new machine, not another Bernina, but a Pfaff. My Bernina is in the shop (should be back next week) and I needed a good machine to work on while it was in repair.

    The Pfaff isn’t a Bernina, and a Bernina isn’t a Pfaff…..what I’m discovering, they both have their strong points…..and their weak points…..for the way I use them!

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    Barbara says

    I love my 301 for traveling too. The new travel size machines are a little too “compact” for me. When I need some fancy stitches I bring out my 14 year old Bernina and it still does the job like new.

    Great restraint Judy….to pay so much for plastic isn’t worth it!