Mrs. Santa on Speed

Remember Santa on Speed?


This is one of my favorite quilts.  Not sure if it’s the colors, or the overall happiness and cheerfulness of the quilt but as I was showing it while doing the trunk show last week, it got me wanting to make something else using that Santa fabric.  There’s plenty more of it!  🙂

This morning was spent writing the pattern for Morning Splash:


I can’t say for certain but I think I’m going to use these fabrics, along with a background (probably Itty Bitty Ditty polka dot) to test my instructions:


Oh, heck .. there’s a dark green I pulled too but it didn’t make it in the picture.  Still thinking about it.  Sure don’t want to mess up my Santa fabric on something that isn’t going to be exactly what I want.



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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I love the Santa border print and your Santa quilt. The borders are very interesting. I just bought “Have a Sheri Berry Holiday” fabric. The girls I quilt with saw it before I did and they were singing Sheri Berry (Sherry, Baby) around the shop. Soooooooo, when I was in Washington state in July, I found it in a really nice shop in Everett, WA and just had to buy it and show it off to my singers. Now, decisions, decisions, what to do with it.

    I like your other quilt as well. I am sure that everyone will love making it as their “2nd” quilt.

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    Darlene S says

    I like the name you’ve finally landed on for your bright splashy quilt — Morning Splash fits it just fine. Dar

  3. 6


    Morning Splash is striking..I love all the color choices and the pattern, you are amazing. I will DEFINATELY make this one with all the same color choices if there is a pattern…awesome.

  4. 7

    Theresa says

    Hello: I just happened upon this site and fell in love with “Morning Splash.” I must have this pattern. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  5. 8

    Linda says

    When you say “Mrs. Santa on speed” I picture you with a Santa hat with a big grin and a maniacal glint in your eye. Some imagination, huh??

  6. 10


    I love the Santa fabric for this quilt! I really am hoping for a Quilt For an Hour project out of this! I want to start it now.

    After you write a pattern I am guessing you test it but do you have another person test it too? I am just wondering.