Great Old Singer Machines


After looking at the sewing machines last week, and coming home and sewing on my 301, I was again reminded how much I love those 301 machines.   Next week I’m going on a mini-retreat and one of these machines will come with me.  They make the best stitch, though they don’t have the needle up/down feature which I do miss a bit.  Still . . I love these machines so much.

Over the weekend, I heard from a friend near Kansas City who has decided to downsize and is going to sell some excellent, much sought after old machines.  She has Singer models 99, 201, 66, several 301’s, a Lotus and a couple of treadle machines.  She may have more machines  . . these are just the ones I remember.  Knowing my friend, I’m sure the machines are in excellent condition and if I didn’t have so many, I’d snag one of those black 301’s for myself.  If anyone is interested in these machines, please contact my friend at [email protected]



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    Bobbie says

    Judy-At quilt club yesterday, I saw for the 1st. time a Singer 301-didn’t even know about them until lately–I do have a Singer feather weight and love it. This lady is not happy with the 301 and said she would like to sell it-she wants $200 for it. Good price or nor? Should I go now? Hugs, Bobbie

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      Bobbie, I don’t think that’s a good price. I’ve paid anywhere from $30 to $100, including a cabinet, when I’ve bought the 301’s I have. I can’t imagine not loving the 301. The only drawback I see is that it doesn’t stop with the needle up or down . . just wherever it feels like stopping. What makes up for that is the stitch is so perfect and there’s nothing on that machine that can go wrong that I can’t fix myself. No annual checkups, tuneups or expenses when using the 301. And, it purrs! I love how they sound when they sew!

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    neen says

    I’m on my way, in a few minutes, to pick up one of my black 301s, that had a hitch in it’s get-along. Taking over a mocha short bed, to have spiffied up for my DIL in FL. She would so dearly love to sew but doesn’t have a machine. This should keep her happy forever!

    Bobbie, if I can butt in here, there has to be a reason the woman doesn’t like the 301. They are such great machines that they become members of your family! Is there something wrong with it? I’d ask and try it out. If it doesn’t purr like a kitten, she’s not telling you something. I have five 301s and haven’t paid over $125.00 (most were $45-85) including shipping. And if she doesn’t like it, it’s not worth much to her. I’m just sayin’.

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    When you mentioned the 301 at the workshop a few weeks ago I thought of my Mom’s sewing machine – I looked at it last week and it’s a 301A. She (my mom) is 93 y/o and still using that machine – she loves it.

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    I have my mother’s 301A and recently took it out of its case and cleaned it up. I remember sewing on it as a teenager and my mother sewed on it for years, she is 81 now. I think I will take it and get it cleaned up and start using it at retreats. I have the Janome 6600 at home and use the Janome Jem Gold for travel, but it is to slow for me. You got me motivated on using my 301 now. Thanks!