Conversing with the Husband

You see this picture and what do you think?


You might think I made cookies!  Vince walked into the kitchen, looked at this tray.  Here’s our converastion:

Me:  Do you want a cookie?

Vince:  You made a cake?

Me:  Tea cakes.

Vince.  You made cookies?

Me:  Whatever you call these things . . do you want one??

And he wonders why our conversations so easily get off track!



  1. 4

    pdudgeon says

    conversation rewind…
    “yep, sure i’ll take a cookie!
    Yum yum, these sure are good. you’re a good cook!”

  2. 5

    Eve says

    ROFLOL!!! Oh, I can sooo relate!! I actually raised my voice about half an octave w/ Don Sunday night and asked “Could I just get a straight answer??” It just wasn’t about cookies/tea cakes. LOL!! It was about what he had done w/ a big, honkin’ spider that was in the cat’s litter box. He just kept saying “I took care of it” when I’d ask what he did w/ it. Turned out he just covered it w/ litter—and it was still alive! YIKES!! I scooped it out, stomped it flat, and threw it in the garbage. Guess I should have just done that to start with, huh? LOL!! Eve

  3. 6


    Bob and I went to a marriage retreat about a month ago. The first session was called “The Tale of Two Brains”. No foolin! Men and women just don’t think alike, their brains work so differently. Just that thought alone made 31 years of married life make mores sense than it ever has! Your story here just proves it again! I am learning to have fun with the fact that we don’t think alike, it is alot better than getting agrivated all the time. 🙂