Husband Conversation Update

If you’re in  your mid-50’s, you might understand that when I’m on my way to the bathroom, no one should make me laugh really hard!  Tonight I was headed to the bathroom and I met Vince in the hall.   It was about 10:30 and here’s our conversation:

Me:  Are you gonna be up for a while?

Vince:  Did I take the door off?

What the heck is he talking about?  Where did he get “did I take the door off?” from what I said?  I just ran into the bathroom laughing so hard he thought I was crying!  I couldn’t even stop laughing enough to tell him what was so funny!

This is one crazy household!



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    Karla says

    Thanks for the laugh so early this morning, I too am a night owl but when I have to work days wellllll it sucks. You conversation with your husband sounds like mine only I think I am on the other side not understanding what my husband says which infuriates him. But you have definitely brightened my morning.

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    quilterbee says

    Maybe it’s time for Vince, to go get a hearing test. Maybe he can’t tell what words you are saying. We lose our hearing and our sight so slowly sometimes that we can’t tell that it is getting worse or that it is what the problem might be.


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    LOL 😛 that is too funny! I can’t wait to tell my husband… he’s come to love hearing about your Vince-ism stories that you share as much as I love tuning into your blog each day to read 😉

    One night as supper David asked, “So what’s been going on with JudyL and Vince?” 😉 – yep that is when you know I’m addicted to blogging! 😛

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Marilyn says

    Maybe he was sleepwalking…….or read your blog about how he
    doesn’t listen. I can realate about the bathroom.Yes, your house
    is one crazy place , but fun.

  5. 9


    My hubby throws out those random thoughts like that…..he thinks I know what’s going on inside his head. I barely know what’s going on in my own head. 🙂

    So…did you do a door check???

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    Rose in MN says

    Hate to tell you but seems the men lose their hearing at a younger age than women. I remember years ago when a couple who’s wife complained when she talked to her DH he would give her the same kind of strange answers because guess that is what he heard. Just frustrated the wife to no end. Now, my DH is doing the same thing, altho he claims it is not his hearing, it is that I didn’t say what I did. Sometimes I find it funny, other times not. If I raise my voice he doesn’t like it because I am shouting. Just thought I’d give you younger women notice what you might expect when DHs age…adds to the fun of “togetherness” in retirement.

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    Deb says

    It happens here too. Because, i think, he is in his own “zone” and then i ask something, he is not really paying attention to what “I” am saying, but says something about what HE is thinking. I always stand there dumbfounded, trying to figure it out, and then pick on him and we bust out laughing. I am glad he can laugh at himself (both of us can) and not get mad at me. We have a lot of fun, because he does this a lot when he is/has been dreaming a bit before i come to bed too. THAT is more understandable tho!

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    Sounds like our house too. Yes, DH is losing some of his hearing which means I don’t talk loud enough. But as Deb said if he’s thinking on something, you know that what he answers will relate to that and not to what I just said. Gotta love them and the aging process!

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    Thanks for the laugh (even though I don’t have a voice)!

    My DH & I have similar conversations. . . .I’ll ask a simple question & he tries to figure out where the conversation is going (and usually guesses incorrectly) so when he answers me I just get a dumb look on my face.

    he he he

    Have a wonderful day!

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    laceflower says

    Yup, me too, my dh has lost hearing in the upper ranges and is getting a hearing aide. It isn’t that he doesn’t hear me, it is that he hears something bizarre, like “Did I take the door off?” It is very frustrating for me because I have to repeat everything; so he is getting the aide or I’m going out in the garden and start digging his grave.

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    Laughing at the only-too-familiar sound of this conversation. Just wait till he’s retired and home all the time — we’re still adjusting!!

    Jeanne 🙂

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    Sandy says

    Very funny story, Judy. At our house, DH doesn’t remember as well as I do and I don’t hear as well as him. We have a hard time trying to decide who is right when he says he told me something…..( I know he didn’t, lol) or he says he did but I didn’t hear him.

    I am determined not to say what my MIL said for years…”It is the pits to get old.”

    Just wait until Vince retires and he is home all day. The fun really begins then. Ask me how I know.

  13. 18


    If taking the door off was/has been on his ToDo list then your suggestion/question of whether he is going to stay up implied to him that if he was going to be up, then he should take care of the task. He thought you were asking him if it was done (since he was going to stay up and had the time).

    Wes bought a little plastic shield to put on the gas tank opening so when you open the lid the lid doesn’t touch the car’s surface. He was having some trouble figuring how to get it on and gave up.

    A few nights ago a commercial came on TV where someone was pumping gas. It reminded me that he hadn’t tried again. I made some comment about the cute car in the commercial (and not the cover or anything related to it) but he interpreted it as a suggestion. His response was, “Can’t I even sit here a minute or do you want me to jump up right now and put that cover on?” (Well, I did but I really hadn’t even mentioned it or implied it) He did figure it out (and it’s a great little device); but, it was interesting that he made that assumption from what I said. He was probably already thinking of it anyway & his irritation was that I reminded him (when I really didn’t).
    Anyway, communication is an interesting part of relationships!