My Morning View

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is “How do you get so much done?”  I really don’t think I’m getting so much more done than the rest of you . . you’re just seeing so much of what I do because I show it all here.  I don’t have children at home, my husband works days and teaches classes three nights a week.  That’s changing next semester I hope!  I’m probably just a bit hyper which is a blessing and a curse.  I cannot sit still.  I cannot stop talking. I always have to be doing something and it bugs the heck out of me to see anyone sitting doing nothing.

I play this game with Mother Nature (and I don’t always win!).  If I wake up and it’s already bright daylight, Mother Nature has won.  If I beat her up, then I have won.  Yes, it’s nuts but if I wake up late, I feel like I’ve missed the best part of the day.  The competitiveness in me makes me want to win so I’ll do most anything to win and poor Mother Nature . . she doesn’t even nor (nor does she care) that we’re playing this game and she’s losing!!  When discussing my schedule, my lifestyle, my day . . so many tell me “I am not a morning person!”

If only you really knew me!  I’m so NOT a morning person either.  I truly detest going to bed and if left to my own devices, I would go to bed about 3 a.m. and get up about noon but through the years, I’ve learned that isn’t the schedule that results in the most productive day for me.  This is how it works for me . . I’m surely not telling anyone else how to live their life.

When I travel and am on a set schedule, I get caught up on my sleep.  No use beating Mother Nature on those days because there’s no cooking to do, no cleaning to do, I don’t often have my sewing machine with me.  And, in the summertime, Mother Nature wins almost every morning.  But in the fall and winter, I win every single morning! 🙂


This was my view this morning just as it was getting to be really daylight.  See . . if I lived in the country and didn’t have neighbors, that roof wouldn’t be blocking my view!


View across the street.


The view in front of my house.  Yes, or street is in terrible need of re-paving.

The battle I fight is not getting up early because as soon as my alarm goes off, I start thinking of things I want to do and it’s easy to get up.  My battle is getting myself to go to bed at a decent hour.  There’s so much to do each day, I’m never ready to stop and go to bed when it’s bed time.  I tell myself I’ll be in bed by 10:30 but it so rarely happens.

No matter what my reasoning is for getting up early . . with chickens, I have no choice.  They want to be let out at daylight.  I told Vince last night that if ever we have to get new chickens, forget about researching which chickens are the best layers, I want to get chickens that sleep late!  🙂

I’m a real living example of how a night person can learn to be a morning person and love it!



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    When you sleep in, you miss moments like these!

    I have always been an early riser, hubby has always left early for work and with 4 kids, it was the only quiet time of the day and I cherished it so! Then when I worked outside the home, I had early start jobs. Now if I sleep until 7, that’s a good sleep in day!

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    Denise says

    You’re a very good multitasker and that helps too. I agree – far too many important things to be doing to waste it sleeping. I generally am up far earlier on the weekends than weekdays when I get up for work (it’s my time to play on the weekends – time’s awaistin! there’s quilting to be done) even tho I stay up far later those same nights. Does anyone really need more than 4 hours sleep? Just don’t talk to me unless I’ve got a coffee cup in my hand tho. 🙂

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    I Love the mornings too. Luckily, my husband is also a morning person – I just cant stand waking up and its light out and I feel like I have missed so much of the day and wasted time that I could have used getting things done!! 🙂

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    You’re giving me the faintest glimpse of hope that perhaps I can become a Reformed Not A Morning Person. I love the idea of productive mornings, but I’ve never quite been able to pull it off.

    Chickens are coming next spring – maybe they’ll force the issue for me.

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    Carol says

    With all your energy, I’m surprised you get any sleep!
    Nice pictures. I try to remind myself to look as the sunrise as I walk into work because soon it will be dark when I there. Your neighbors aren’t that close. Mine are just a stone’s throw away.
    I just loved your description of the bread you made. I could smell and taste it. Some day I’ll make my own. But in the mean time, could you send me some of yours. Yum!
    I was greeted by a real treat when I got home. My very own copy of “My Stars II”. I didn’t realize that the block you used is on the front cover. DUH! What a nice book…patterns, quilts and history.

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    Judi says

    I have always been a morning person but if I don’t get in the shower as soon as I get up then I feel like I wasted half the day.

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    I love my sleep and it sure is hard getting up when it’s dark but I do feel better if I go ahead and get out of bed, and who knows maybe I can get some sewing done before work. I don’t have the chickens to get me up in the morning but our Lab has a food timer in her belly and it’s say….FEED ME!!!! NOW!!!! she paces around on the hardwood floors until we get up.

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    Vivian says

    Wow! I thought I was the only one who thinks sleeping is a waste of time. People think I’m crazy because I feel like I am missing out on something I could be doing by sleeping. I go to bed late (11 or so–because I have to get up and go to work) and get up early 5;30. Even on weekends. If I ever sleep until 7 a.m. that is late and I feel like I have lost a big part of my day.

  9. 9

    Cindy says

    Feh! You all can keep those early mornings. I’m more apt to see sunrise from the other side. I’ve stayed up long enough to see the sun rise more than once. Maybe there’s vampire in my background.

    My brain doesn’t start working till about 10. I get my second wind and there’s no stopping me!

    I detest getting up early. Just ask Judy!

    I imagine we all work out to about the same number of hours of sleep.

  10. 10


    I’m another who very rarely sleeps as late as 7….around 6 is more normal for me. I can’t stay awake as late at night, though, as I used to do. 🙁

  11. 11

    Trish says

    Chickens definitely keep you on your toes! I always feel bad if I sleep much past sun-up, ’cause I know the chickens would much rather be out scratching around the yard than, literally, cooped up…

    They also seem to lay earlier if they’re let out first thing in the morning. I guess the girls work out their laying schedule with each other ahead of time and decide who can be on the nest at what time (we have room for at least 3-4 to be in the nest box together, but they all want to use the same nest for some silly reason, and will wait in line for their “turn!” – lol).

  12. 12

    Deb says

    Nope. Try and try as i may, I hate getting up in the mornings. I love mornings, but they dont like me. my best hours are 9 am to 12pm. Yes, 9 hours of sleep. You dont want to be around me on 6. I almost quit my job because after a year, I could not get used to a schedule that made me get up at 5:30, no matter HOW early I went to bed. This was VERY frustrating. I never could when I was younger, either. Now I work from 3 to 9, or somewhere in between, and it is perfect. I get time to sew, or clean or whatever in the morning, and time at night for emails, and computer work or watching something recorded on TV, and I get to see my husband before HE goes to bed. but of course, not working at all was best…..

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    I always say I’m a sunset not a sunrise person. I’m so not a morning person although I had to be for a lot of years – these days I enjoy allowing my natural biorhythm rule the day (or night). For me it’s a good day when I’m able to sleep late and still be productive!