Lost My Recipe

For years I’ve made the best Hot Wings.  We like this one recipe better than any we’ve ever tried but . . I lost the recipe.  It was a recipe I found probably 10 years ago on the internet.  I thought I had it in my recipe files.  I probably did . . in a computer I no longer have.  Probably three hours were spent yesterday searching for that recipe.  I hate it when that happens.  There’s no reason to waste so much time when I could be quilting, or cleaning house.  Forget cleaning house . . I’d rather search for a recipe!  🙂

Never did find the recipe but I remembered enough of it to make the wings.  Part of what I love about this recipe is that the wings are fried crispy.  Part of what I don’t like about this recipe is that when I fry them, they pop and splatter all over my kitchen.  Today . . my brain must’ve been working overtime because I said to myself  . . fry them outside on the gas burner!


It was kinda windy and I had to use the grill cover and chairs to build a shield to keep the wind from blowing out the fire.  That’s what the black thing is . . my wind shield!  Hey . . even if I couldn’t find my recipe, I’m still coming up with all these great ideas.

Despite the wind and a bit of a threat of rain, it was just gorgeous outside.  I sat out there and knitted while the wings fried . . it’s still Socktober, you know?  Here’s the view from my back deck:


That darned trash can! Can you believe it sneaks into my pictures.  I wonder if Google has updated the picture of my house and removed this goofy blue trash can from the front of the house.  I didn’t even notice it when I took the picture.  I did notice the neighbor’s crappy back yard with all the junk vehicles and there are two more that aren’t in the picture.  Guess they figure they can leave junk vehicles around if I can leave my trash can in plain view . . upside down at that.   Trash man comes on Monday.  I wash the can out, turn it upside down to dry and well, I guess it was still upside down on Wednesday.  What can I say?


Here’s a better shot . . except my clothesline pole is in the way.  Darn . . it’s hard to get decent pictures.  But, aren’t those trees pretty?  They get prettier each day.

The wings did get fried.


And the sauce was made from memory and it was fine.



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    I love…Love….Love….Hot wings….Andrew not so much but I swear I could eat them day and night….if you find the recipe let me know I would love a good sauce recipe..can’t stand the bottle stuff.

  2. 4


    The trees are gorgeous! Judy I fry EVERYTHING outside on my grill, it has a gas burner like yours. I don’t fry anything in the house, even in the winter. I do bacon on a griddle right on the grill burners.

    I love wings, please share your recipe!

  3. 5

    KatieQ says

    As I started to read your post, I got all excited. I was convinced that at the end, the wings recipe would be posted. What a let down. Please share the recipe. I could almost smell the sizzle all the way here in New York.

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    Linda says

    At least you have pretty trees to look at. Here they all froze at the beginning of the month and the leaves are just falling off. No pretty.

    I’m impressed as well that you wash out your trash can every week. You’re using up valuable sewing time doing that you know. LOL

  5. 7


    GOOD job recalling the recipe and being clever enough to do it outside like that. I have to laugh at your trash can….sneaking into your photos AND that you wash it every week. Whew…….that is very inspirational. LOL

  6. 8

    Gig says

    Write down the recipe! So you don’t loose three hours again when you want to make the wings and can’t find it, and don’t remember that it is missing. (Seriously, I have done that and it is even more frustrating the second time around.) Or better yet, post it here and you will always have access to it!

  7. 10

    Rebecca says

    Those gorgeous trees are what I was noticing! No wonder people who live where there are seasons like to make fall quilts, with inspiration like that!

  8. 11


    Did you write down the recipe for next time? I used to make awsome tacos. People used to come from out of the woodwork to eat my tacos. We had an old army budy call after almost 20 years later and ask about the tacos, that is how much people liked them. I lost the book and my memory has failed, now I can’t make the tacos any more. 🙁 I do something sort of like I used to, but they are not the same anymore. All of that said to say again, “write down the recipe before your memory fails and you forget!” lol 🙂

  9. 13


    Judy, an off-the-subject (sort of) question. I’m looking for a black pot just like that, but the ones I’ve found are so shallow. How deep is that pot? xo

  10. 14


    Junk!?!?!!? That is a Second Generation Camaro under that car cover. That’s a “collector car”, it says so right on the licence plate of mine.