The Greens


The greens!  They started the whole buying binge.  Three Dimples for my new Dimple obsession; three that aren’t dimples.  See the one in the middle of the front row .. the kind of limey Dimples.  Oh, I love that fabric!



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    I’m going to look for some dimples early in November when I’m in Lancaster, PA, with some gals for a quilt retreat. SO many quilt shops in that area…can’t wait!!!

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    Audrey says

    I own that middle one too and am getting rather worried that I will use it all up. Time to buy more? Yes.

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    I love Dimples! Just as soon as my organizing is done, I’m going to pull out the Dimples QFAH project and get that finished up. I hope they never quit making this fabric!

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      Some of what I ordered is whole bolts. I use so much white on white or ecru on ecru, I never mind buying whole bolts of those.

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    Mama Pea Quilts says

    Question to Vicki W: Do you think there is something “wrong” with buying whole bolts? (Tee-hee!)

    Seriously, there have been so many times when I’ve used the last of a fabric I just love (which, of course, is then no longer available) and I have wondered if I had bought a whole bolt of it, would I get tired of it before I used it up?

    Anyway, I sure do agree that the Dimples line is great!

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    Linda says

    I once did a piece of hand-dyed fabric about that shade of lime-y green. Sadly enough I’ve never been able to duplicate it because I stupidly didn’t make a not of exactly what dyes I had used on that batch. Thought I would remember. Yeah, right!!!

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    I think we could be twins. Love that one in the center front too. Lime/chartreuse is a neutral and oes with sew many things.

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    I am afraid you are bad for me. I have the same taste in fabric as you….let’s see, love greens, mostly lime and olive greens. I hardly have any lighter or grass greens at all. I have almost all tone on tones in my stash and it isn’t a small stash by any means. Sigh, at least I am in good company!
    Love your stash and I can’t wait until this new QFAH! It is gorgeous!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Do you have simple basics by Robyn Pandolph in light lemon green? I’m doing the Bears in the Farmhouse and I am going to run out before I get the borders on. I need about a yard.