Morning Splash Fabric Thoughts


A few more thoughts on color/fabric choices.  Remember that I pretty much only use tone on tone fabrics and that’s kinda the only way I can think.  My thoughts here are merely suggestions and for those who use other type fabrics, I’m sure you have a much better sense of how those fabrics will work on this quilt.  This is mostly for those who feel they’d like a little help choosing fabrics/colors

  1. Make sure there’s no blending.  Use colors that enough different from each other that the definition of the piecing is easily seen.  The design and secondary design will be lost with blending of colors/fabrics.  Initially, I was afraid the black I used, which is a mottled, grayish black, wasn’t going to show up well against the purple I used in the border.  It’s fine but if I’d had a blacker black, I would have used it.  I also wondered if the lavender I chose would blend with the purple.  It worked out ok.  Had I been choosing fabrics at the quilt shop, I would have chosen something besides the lavender but I was choosing from the stash and am happy with the results.
  2. Obvious one way designs, as well as plaids and stripes are not going to work so well with this quilt. There are many squares that are cut on the diagonal once and some twice so if using an obvious one way design, you’re going to have pieces going directions that may not “match”.
  3. Because part of one block (the almost flying geese section) meets up with a plain square from the other block and you want these to look like one unit instead of a piece from one block meeting a piece from another block, think about that when choosing fabrics.  Those tone on tones are perfect!  🙂
  4. Don’t choose a background fabric that is busy as that will interfere with the design.  Anything that reads as a solid from a distance should work fine.

Questions?  Other suggestions?



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    Deb says

    Always need any help I can get… thanks.
    Cant wait to dig in…but havent had time!! UGH, I HATE THAT. Why does life always have to get in the way of QUILTING, really, not fair….

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    Thanks for the thoughts Judy…I chose from my small stash and have the same tone on tone colors except the lavendar which I chose another color instead. I have it all stacked and ready to go.
    Your quilt is just beautiful…Thanks for sharing with us.