Week 43, 2009 Stash Report

Well, I wasn’t looking forward to this report but I sure love my new fabric!  I used 12 yards and gave away 5 yards to a friend who needed a good white on white.  At least I can still pull this off and come out positive for the year.  And, I really, really am not buying any more fabric for a while!  At least not til we enlarge my sewing room!  🙂  We’re not going to do that!

At least my report should make it easy for anyone else who fell off the wagon this week.

Used this Week:  17 yards
Used year to Date: 406.75 yards
Added this Week:  195 yards
Added Year to Date: 452 yards
Net Used for 2009: -45.25 yards

Please share your report .. it has to be better than mine!


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    I am right there with you this week. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just like riding a bike….you gotta get back on and try, try, try again.

    I saw the picture of the greens. Do we get to see pictures of the rest of the new fabric? Where are you finding this on fabric? Oh wait, I may not want to know that answer! LOL

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    WOW!! that is alot of fabric but the way you put it to use and so quickly it will be gone from your count before you know it. I’d love to see what you bought, you have me curious.

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    195 yards! Wow! That so completely surpasses what I had predicted. I laughed out loud when I read that, but with great empathy and fondness. 😀 I still maintain it’s ok – you love it, you’ll use it!

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    pdudgeon says

    Judy, the way you use up fabric, those 45 1/4 yards will be gone in a month or less.
    and then you’ll have all of December to work your special magic with fabric and surprize us all.
    just think of your buying spree as a Christmas present to yourself—and you didn’t even have to wrap it and put it under the tree! Aren’t you the smart one!!!

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    Linda says

    That is a lot of yards….I don’t think I even have 1 full bolt with all my stash!! LOL…I think I have stash envy!

  6. 11

    pdudgeon says

    p.s. and as for the 195 yards, that’s only 19 bolts and a little more– just one shelf of fabric in a quilting store.

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    Wow! You certainly feel off the wagon. When you said you bought fabric I didn’t think it was that much. So when does the addition start?

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    Toni says

    Holy cow, Miz Judy. That’s waaaay more than I was expecting. That’s more than I have bought in the last three years. We all know that you’ll quickly use that up.

  9. 14


    LOL… I think you could take any 10 of us… add up our Additions for a whole year and we wouldn’t come close to your numbers.

    Actually you also use more fabric than any 10 of us as well and produce more quilts than any 10 of us… so – all I can say is… YOU GO GIRL!! LOL

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      Bobbie says

      I was at a garage sale yesterday-I usually don’t even pay attention to them, but the ad read tons and tons of material and craft stuff. There was over a hundred large totes of fabric–I could not believe it–I didn’t buy one tote-I’ve got way more fabric right now that I’ll never get used. I did get a DEAL tho–A brand new Penleton blanket for $40.00 Its georgeous. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Wow! 195 yards….where exactly did you fall off your wagon?? I have to count up my purchases yet but am trapped at work. Ugh!

    • 15.1


      It was actually several small falls . . not just one big fall. A shop here and there and one giant online order. I’ve brushed myself off and am ready to begin anew with no buying for a long time . . I hope.

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    Deb says

    But you must have had so much FUN doing it! I know when I sold my house and we got a profit from it, we happened to be in Virginia, and MY HUSBAND, said “why dont we go to Paducha (sp?)”. I said no, but he said “we might not be this close again for awhile”, well, o.k. And we did, and we had “no limit”, for once. We bought for REAL fun! And it was, and he was worse then ME, (he has a thing for batiks) and it must have come close to your total! Won’t be doing that again any time soon. But that is o.k. too.
    Not only that Judy, but it IS your BUSINESS…..or, you can use that excuse if you want to-ligitimately. (Spelling brain isn’t working today!)

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    You are so right! When buying bolts the yardage adds up quickly! btw, where do you buy the *dimples* from? an online store?

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    carolfun says

    dear judy — if you were Catholic you could start this wiht “bless me father for i have sinned” – -then he’d give you penance of a couple of Our Fathers and Hail Marys and all would be right with the world — don’t worry over this purchase – i believe that quilting is better therapy than pills and you have something to show for it in the end — quilting isn’t immoral or illegal — it isn’t inexpensive either but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad — enjoy you wonderful new goodies – we’ll be anxiously awaiting the beautiful quilts you will make —


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    Cindy says

    Oh, but it could have been so much worse/better. And at least there is the certainty of seing quilts come out of this. That’s a lot more than I have hope for.

    I used a whole whopping 1/2 yard yesterday on that coiled basket. Those take a long time to make. You’d have been beside yourself.

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    Denise says

    LOL – when you binge you binge well. But what fun it must have been! The colder weather is coming – you’re just doing your bit to add insulation to your sewing room – the cold won’t permeate those walls of fabric (or at least that’s the way I look at it even if my fabric is now on an inside wall rather than outside one) 🙂

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    Robin says

    195 yards?????? !!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know where I would keep that much! That makes my 5 yards that I bought to look pretty tame!! Now…. what did DH say?

    • 23.1


      Aw Judy–I know where I could put 195 yards! No one could probably tell it was even there! hehe–We could have an alternate heading–stash busting Sunday and stash BUILDING Sunday!

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I bought a couple of bolts of Makower’s Puppies in (?) 2000. The shop owner (Pincushion Boutique, whose brick-and-mortar shop is now closed :() told me that there were about 17 yards to the bolt. I’ve almost worked my way through one bolt; the second is untouched. I’ve used the fabric to make customized basket liners for hospitality gifts for my dog club; “our” breed (among several others) is shown on the fabric.

    From the previous comments in this discussion, it sounds as though bolts are shorter now. I’ve heard anywhere from 10 to 15 yards for bolt lengths these days. Is this the case, or are they still 17 yards?

    I have no bolt-shopping plans right now; I did enough damage at PIQF….Cherrywood hand dyes…in memory of Primrose Gradations’ Joan Skalbeck, another master dyer, also from Minnesota–like Cherrywood.

    The booth hostess and I both reminisced sadly about Joan S, taken from the world much too soon; Cherrywood uses the same ground fabric that Primrose did, and I absolutely love how it feels in the hand while working with it. Amazingly enough, I purchased less than $100 worth–although, if PIQF had taken place in June or early July, I wouldn’t have had the money to purchase $10 worth of anything at all.

    I have no idea how many yards of stash I have; even if I were to weigh it all to get a rough estimate, it would just throw me into a whole-body pain relapse.

    My current goal is to get the stash into ONE ROOM. The [b]quilting[/b] stash is in two rooms (the quilting area and part of the laundry area–behind doors), and the [b]sewing[/b] stash is in two small closets: the quilting area and a bedroom. I want to get all of my fabric into ONE ROOM.

    That’s the first goal.

    I’ll figure out the second after I achieve the first.

    • 25.1


      I love Cherrywood and have a Rubbermaid Tote full of jacket, vest and no telling what else kits I’ve bought from them. I can never remember what I already have so I just ask them to show me what’s new this year and I know I don’t have that. Joan’s death was really sad. I loved her stuff too.

      Most bolts I see are 15 yard put ups but there are some 10 yard puts up out there and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of those as fabric prices continue to increase.

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    ewellette says

    My best friend lives about 8 blocks from you, when Vince kills you have him deliver it to her house and I will see that it gets distributed out as needed. The addy is 228 E syc……..

    Really………….. just have fun with your new play toys!!!!

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    More power to you, Judy! I think you did a fantastic job with your fabric use this year and we haven’t reached the end of it. I still believe you’ll come out ahead 🙂

  20. 28


    I see by your report that you’ve used nearly the amount that you added this week, so that makes you almost even. A 45 yd deficit isn’t that bad. 195 is a higher number than I figured you would be reporting. I thought maybe 50-75 yards. I don’t calculate my Stash, I have it here and love just looking at it. I’m trying like someone else said to “just get it all in one room”. The totes I have used don’t let it show and I forget and go buy more. I have used quite a bit in making nearly 14 quilts for grandchildren this year. 3 left to finish the year. My magnet on my fridge says, “She who dies with the most fabric has happy relatives.” My son says that magnet lies! So enjoy your stash and hope you live long enough to use more of it than you leave.

  21. 29

    Vickie says

    Thank you Judy! I told my husband about your 195 yards, and he said “Holy s*i%” … uh huh, he was very “impressed shall we say. I think it made him completely forget about my 6 yards I purchased yesterday! I think I will remind him frequently 🙂
    Happy shopping and hope you are touching it frequently, that’s the best part!
    Smiles and thanks for honesty and sharing!

  22. 30


    Way to go Judy. I thought it was a typo this morning, till reading everyones comments. I can’t wait to hear and see what you make with it this coming year.