Morning Splash Fabric Requirements


These fabric requirements are pretty exact.  If you’re like me, and want to add a little for fluff . . just in case the worst thing happens, add a little to these amounts.

Background (where I used white) – 3-5/8 yards
Border (where I used purple) – 2-1/2 yards (This includes all the dark purple used in the quilt.)
Accent (where I used black) – 3 yards
Four colors (where I used green, pink, aqua and lavender) – 3/4 yard each
Gold – 1/2 yard  NOTE: If you want to add gold to the pieced border, you’ll need an extra 9-1/4″ square (just one square will give you four gold sections for your border.  You will have enough of the colored fabrics that you don’t need gold unless you just want it in there.



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    Lydia says

    Oooooh, I’m really liking this quilt! I haven’t started looking for fabrics yet, but I need to get busy and shop the stash and see what I’ve got to work with. I don’t know if I’ll be able to work along, but I’ll do my best. If not, I’ll definitely get back to it as I can, because I really do like it. Of course, I also have the previous QFAH project, that I haven’t even really started. You’re bad for my UFO list, Judy — but I love it! Thanks for your generosity in sharing these designs with us.

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      Yes, the dark purple is called “border fabric” throughout the pattern. All the dark purple is included in this yardage requirement.

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    This one looks like fun, but my stash doesn’t lend itself to those sizes of pieces. I could do fat quarters and a couple 1 yard cuts, though.

    So, if I cut the fabric requirements in about 1/3 (and adjust the instructions for myself as we go), I should be able to make a smaller quilt, right? One with 2 of the big “blocks”, rather than 6. Looks like I’d have to get creative with the border too, if I do that.

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    This is really a lucky day! I was able to find just the right fabrics in my stash to make this quilt in colours very similar to yours, Judy. I don’t usually have large pieces of fabric, mostly fat quarters, but I guess it was just meant to be! I’m looking forward to getting started, and I am still working on “Freeze Frame”, too! Thank you for these beautiful designs — my family thinks I am very clever, and it’s all due to your patterns! 🙂

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    Becky I says

    Ok! Got a question. You said we needed 1 – 9 1/4″ square for the 4 trangles in the border. We can’t see one of the borders in the picture, but does it have 2 triangles on the other long side like we see in the picture? If so wouldn’t that mean that there are 6 triangles in the border? Would we need 2 -9 1/4 squares? I know my brain is working over time but it gets confused so easily these days. lol It must be all that gray hair or the cobwebs that have developed from all those years of not thinking much…….