Diggin’ Through Stuff

Over the weekend, I remembered a crocheted rag rug pattern I’d made year ago. I was thinking about making another one but didn’t have a clue where the pattern was.  Maybe in that “stuff” that we keep moving from state to state.  If you could see our “junk room”, you’d know there’s a slim chance of finding anything in there.  While I was sewing on another project, I kept thinking of that rug pattern.  I said to myself . . I’m going to take the first box I come to and go through it til I get everything sorted out in there.  One box at a time . . no rush! I walked in there and the first box was actually a big Rubbermaid container.  OK . . that’s the first box.  I’ll tackle it.  I opened it and guess what was in there:


I couldn’t believe it! I so rarely find anything I’m looking for (remember the lost iPod?).  But there was that rug pattern.  I kept digging in that same box and found the tree skirt pattern I’m working on.


This one isn’t going to win me any awards but it will be fine for a tree skirt.

Every single year at Christmas for at least the last 1o years, Chad says “Mom, Dad still has the tree skirt that you made.  That’s not right, is it?”  And, every one of those years, I’ve said . . it’s ok.  I’ll make us one . . and I never did.  This is the pattern I used for the first one but I had hand pieced it and the pattern is written for templates and  hand piecing so I decided to grab some fabric and see if I could rotary cut and machine piece it and get it to come out right.  Some of this fabric is probably as old as the pattern, but other than lime greens, that’s about the only Christmas fabric I have.  Most of the fabric I used isn’t even Christmas fabric anyway but I was just testing the pattern.

I’m going to make another one to give to Chad when he gets his own place and I’ll do better with the colors.  I’m not so worried about mine . . with presents on it, the fabrics/colors I use aren’t going to matter so much.  Getting it finished before Christmas does matter!



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    That’s good that you are making something for yourself with this project. I’ve considered making my children Tree skirts but always think too late of the brilliant ideas. I make my gifts for a “Home made” Christmas. If I started in January, I could get the 6-7 that need to be made and not be rushed when there is less than 2 months before Christmas. I found a cute smaller project that will do for Family gifts this year, now to just do those! I’ve been digging through stuff this week also. It’s amazing what is found in those boxes we packed before the “move”.

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    Those rugs use a TON of fabric. Think of how much you can bust with this. Perhaps it will offset your recent purchase.

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    I’m glad someone else does that…I organized all my patterns a few years ago, but I still occassionally find a lost pattern stuck in a box or folder downstairs!

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    Mama Pea Quilts says

    I so know what you mean about making yourself a tree skirt!

    Several years ago, my daughter asked that I make her a quilted tree skirt which I did. Kind of a big one, too, but I love the way it looks around her tree before Santa covers it with presents. Each year I say I’m going to make one for our tree . . . and then each year I end up putting the ol’ white sheet around the base of the tree.

    For some reason (all the projects I have lined up that need to be done BEFORE Christmas), I’m thinking the white sheet will be pressed into duty again this year. But SOMEDAY . . . :O)

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    Becky I says

    I started a tree skirt 7 years ago with a friend. Neither one of us has finished ours……oh well, the world won’t come to an end because of that!

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    I understand about losing stuff in all the moves. I was talking to Chris the other day and he mentioned how happy he was that I’d left the tripod for the camera there….we still have a whole closet full of stuff that wouldn’t fit when we moved to MN but that I didn’t want to get rid of….since we were helping them first rent and then buy our house there, they got stuck with storing everything. I’d forgotten I’d left the tripod there until he mentioned it.

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    Carol in SW IN says

    Every time I buy WOF fabric for anything I buy a few inches above and beyond what I need and after I wash the fabric. I cut a strip off & throw in a box labeled for ‘rag rugs’ as future project. I even have the big crochet hook to use and several freebie patterns but I just haven’t started it yet.

    I love the tree skirt, is it one of your original patterns. If so I would love to know how to get a copy. Thank You