At Home in the Kitchen

There are some, and there’s nothing wrong with it, who just don’t feel at home when working in the kitchen.  Actually, I love to cook as much as I love to sew so it’s a toss up as to where I’m going to have the most fun on any given day — sewing room or kitchen.

I’m usually a pretty good judge as to how much a pot or a container will hold.  Vince . . he gets out a 10 cup container for 1 cup of leftovers or tries to put 10 cups of leftovers in a 1 cup container.

Last time I made soup, I almost overflowed the pot!


This just never happens.  I couldn’t get the carrots and remaining ingredients in the pot.  So, I got a bigger pot.


Well, now I’ve messed up 2 pots and this one is about to overflow too.  I just let it simmer til it cooked down a little and didn’t have to get out a bigger pot.  Ever have days like that?

But . . wait . . my bad luck wasn’t over!


You really have to watch what the left hand is doing when you have a knife in you right hand!  I stabbed my own self!  But, I got a picture for the blog . . what else really matters?  🙂



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    Some days are like that……..battle scars…. whether with a knife in the kitchen or the rotory cutter in the quilting room……drawing blood reminds us that we are human after all!!! Soup looks mighty tastee!!!


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      I probably shouldn’t say this but I’ve never cut myself with the rotary cutter. Made a few cuts in fingernails but never cut the skin.

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    Judy, I recognize the 2nd pot as a Magnalite, but I love that first pot, what is it?

    I have lots of battle scars… goes with the territory I think 🙂

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      That pot is part of a very inexpensive Revere Ware set I bought about 7 years ago. I love those pots much better than any expensive pots I have.

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    I’m glad you were on the ball about getting pictures for us here…at least you have your priorities straight!!! LOL

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    Bessie H. says

    The overflowing pot happens to me almost always when I make chicken and dumplings. I have to clean up more messes the older I get. I’ve never been good at guessing what size bowl to use foe leftovers. I remember as a kid my sisters would laugh at me when we would clear the table. I would get a bigger bowl than what the food was in to begin with.

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      What a great photo to post on Halloween!

      I often fill my pots to nigh-overflowing, too, and I’ve just stopped caring about the extra pot to clean. It is what it is! 😀

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    Judy C in NC says

    At Home In The Kitchen – would this wonderful-looking soup happen to be called “Everything In The Kitchen”? I have never met a soup I did not like. I think I will go make soup to cook while I sew. Thanks for the prompt. From Judy C in NC

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    It’s your left hand, so did it slow you down? NOPE, it looks like you can still type. Soup on a rainy day always hits the spot. Looks yummy. Soup and Quilting, isn’t there a book about that?

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      quilterbee says

      MMMMMMMMMMMM I can almost smell the soup and I sure wish I was there to taste it too.

      Please post the recipe.



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    Cindy says

    Boy, I’m glad that camera is always at the ready!

    You’re killing me.

    How was the drive home yesterday? Rainy?

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      Drive home was horrible. 20 miles of 44 is blocked off so that traffic in both directions is on the same side and I was through there when the rain was the worst. I took the first exit and got off 44. I figured I’d rather encounter a bridge than deal with 18 wheelers in the rain.

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    Linda says

    Sorry for the owwy (spelling????). I learned while I was peeling apples that the left hand really does need to know what the right hand is doing at all times when said right hand is holding a knife. There was blood & band-aids to prove it.

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    I love to cook too — just not all the time and I really hate to go grocery shopping. We’ve been traveling so much the last 4 months that I bet I’ve only cooked on average of 1-2 times a week. I’m hoping things will settle down some and I’ll cook more often …like 3-4 times a week any more than that and I get tired of it.

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    carol c says

    i make dh’s soup in a 6 quart crockpot. i do not “get it” with cooking. it is stressful,hot and unappreaciated here.because he refuses to eat leftovers, is use to eating out-so “thinks” i should be able to fix something on 10 minutes notice as if we are eating out….and if it takes 15 minutes, he is out the door going out to eat….then blames me for us eating out once a day. i get a meal, eat half there-eat balance for supper-lol. there is a good restaurant 1 block away, but
    its really getting toooo expensive-plus he isnt working like he was due to layoff. MEN! i adore someone else’s home cooking, but mine is open a can, broil meat-big deal. nothing from scratch…no going to any relative for real cooking-cafe