Cooking, Cooking, Cooking!

Friday morning after letting the chickens out, I contemplated going back to bed.  But there were just too many things I wanted to do.  The menu for the week needed to be made.  The grocery list needed to be made.  A trip to Wal-Mart . . all had to be done and I had to be back and have lunch ready for 11:30 so there was no time to go back to bed.

Got the menu done, got the grocery list made.  Hopped in the shower, used the curling iron on my hair . . then the phone rang.  It was Mom.  We talked for a while, then Speck needed to go out and I needed to get to Wal-Mart and I was kinda in a rush by now.  Got to Wal-Mart and realized I had my purse but I had taken my wallet out of my purse . . and left it at home.  Vince works right across the street from Wal-mart so I thought . . I’ll call him and go get his credit card.  But then I happened to look in the rear view mirror and I had never combed my hair after using the curling iron.  Back home . .  fix my hair . . get the wallet . . try this again!

Got the groceries, got home and had lunch on the table by 11:30.  Then the real cooking began!


A chicken in the pressure cooker.  Meat was removed from the bone.  Part of it will be used for dumplings today.  Part of it will be used for chicken salad Sunday.


I baked a ham, sweet potatoes and polenta.


I made banana pudding.


In my quest for interesting breads, I ground wheat, roasted and chopped pepitas, almonds and walnuts.


Well, I think I forgot to take a picture of the bread after it was baked but it’s also a winner.  I’m getting pretty good at mixing things in my bread dough.  Any suggestions on what I should mix in next time?

It was a full afternoon in the kitchen but it was fun!



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    Pecans – the pecan farms in Oklahoma usually start selling the current year’s crop starting November 1st…. After you get fresh pecans, you just can’t stand the stuff that’s in the stores… I usually buy a lot and then freeze them.

    But, isn’t that how it always is – the local fresh stuff is always better.

    Have you ever made a bread using apple cider – I used cider this morning for cooking steel oats – wonderful oatmeal.


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    I always love your cooking posts….but…I have to say, I was VERY amused by your story of not combing your hair after the curling iron. Gave me a good laugh!!! LOL

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    Substituting potato water for the regular water in your bread is always good. But as you’ve already discovered, you can put just about anything in bread! I love to add spinach, sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, apples and nuts, seeds, chunks of meat and cheese…

    But mostly I enjoy a plain loaf slathered with butter 🙂

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    Angie says

    When I looked at the first picture of the chicken in the pressure cooker—I had not read all the text—I thought, Oh-No! They have finally had it with Smokey! :o)

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    Hi Judy, I am making bread using your recipe today and I was wondering… what is SAF yeast? Is it a particular brand or type? Is it regular or fast-rise? Thanks for your help!

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    laceflower says

    I too like to cook as much as I like to sew. I’m always tossing in extra ingredients into my bread. I try to keep it to 1/2 cup, made up of 1/8 cup amounts of stuff. Stuff like – millet, oatmeal, toasted sunflower seeds, kamut flakes, triticale flakes, cornmeal, rye flour, there is no limit of options. I find it is important to include vital gluten with these additons to get these low gluten additions to not bake into a brick.
    I don’t post often, but enjoy my frequent visits.

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    ruth anne says

    I am such a loser at bread most of the time. Just this past week I tried the recipe from Artisan book and the first loaf was just okay. The second loaf was heavy and hard (it had been in fridge for 2 days so I thought it would have been lighter). I am wondering if it could be my yeast? I just use what is in grocery store. Flour same way–but it was Bob’s Red Mill unbleached flour. I am going to try again and just use your recipe. I know it won’t be as good because of my ingredients. But if it wasn’t for this site, I would just give up.