My Chickens are So . .

Chicken!  Yesterday it was windy . . very windy.  The kind of windy that reminds me I’m too close to Kansas!  I was in the kitchen working and from there I can see the chicken coop/run.  It was a gorgeous sunny day but I noticed there were no chickens in the run.  They love a sunny day.


Where were they?  Could they have escaped?  Could the big, bad wolf have gotten them?  They were there this morning when I let them out . . at daylight I might add!

Opened the door to the coop and . . there they are!  They’re afraid of the leaves that are blowing around.  Look at Ruby trying to get her big fat face in the picture!  She’s such a camera hawg!


You have to admit, she’s a pretty chicken.  Just look at her.  And look at mean old Lynn down there (with the arrow) looking up at her.  I’ll bet Lynn is thinking  . . if only I were a beautiful chicken like Ruby!


It’s to pretty to stay cooped up in the coop!  🙂  So, I go about convincing them to come outside and play.  Who’s afraid of leaves?  Just a leaf blowing around!  (Me after dark but don’t tell the chickens, ok?)  Great!  Here comes a red one.  She’s such a brave little chicken!


Look at that.  Six red chickens.  That’s all the red chickens I have.  My red chickens are so sweet . . I just love those girls.  Those four Ameraucanas . . I won’t ever get them again but I kinda like three of them but they’ll never been sweet chickens like the red ones are.


Look who’s at the top thinking about coming out to play . .

DSC08553That’s Smokey and Lynn!

But, one little gust of wind and a few leaves swirling around and . .


There they go . . back into the coop.  It’s too scary for them out there with all those noisy leaves.  That’s ok . . they can stay inside if they want.  Maybe today it won’t be so windy and they can play outside without those frightening leaves!



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    That’s weird! I can’t get our chickens to stay in the coop no matter what the weather is! Yesterday was horrible, high winds and heavy rains, and they never went back into to the coop at all, other than to lay.

    On the other hand, maybe I have the weird chickens. Seems to me in the past all our other chickens would mostly stay in the coop when the weather was nasty.

    Could the plastic on top of the run be what’s scaring them? Even though it’s tied down, it probably flaps a bit?

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      Trish says

      Mine are the same way! They don’t care what the weather is, they want OUT of their coop at daylight and don’t return – except to lay – until near sundown. Lately they’ve been straying further and further from home during the day and, more than a few times the past week, we’ve had to round them up out of the woods across the road by calling them and feeding them bread. Silly chickens!

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    Linda says

    My dog also doesn’t like the leaves…walking in them, the sound of them anything…he is a chihuahua but really just a big (well maybe not so big!) chicken!! LOL

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    Carol says

    I have a cat that wants to goes outside with the others but she’s afraid of her own shadow and leaves and noises and things that aren’t there. She’ll go out in the dark, morning or night, but rarely during daylight. Go figure. Thanks for another installment of the chicken saga.

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    Hi Judy,
    Your chickens are Beautiful!! I frequent state fairs JUST to see the chickens!! Such a fascinating animal.