I’ve divided October/Socktoberfest into quarters.  I tried to keep up by doing 1/4 of my goal each quarter.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I finished the dark blue socks.
  2. The turquoise socks . . I would have finished but I lost them.  They’re probably snuggled up with my iPod that I can’t find.  I need another couple of hours and they’ll be finished but . . that’s when/if I find them.
  3. The pink striped socks – finished the pair.
  4. The darker pink – one sock is done, the other sock is 1/2 done.
  5. The green socks – never got started.

I suppose I could have done more but with the quilting and the trips . . I just didn’t get more done.  I had fun and I do have 2 new pairs of finished socks.



  1. 1

    quilterbee says

    I finished the socks for my DD. I have one and a half socks completed for my son in law. I also started a lime green sock. I’ve made good progress on my socks for Christmas presents.


  2. 2

    pdudgeon says

    i was wandering around in Michael’s yesterday and came upon the yarn aisle. what joy! i got to see and touch several samples of fingering yarn. I never knew it was that soft to the touch.
    When it came to how it felt to wear a knitted sock, i had always thought in terms of the old scratchy wool or acrylic yarns i was familiar with and had used for afghans. The thought of having that yarn on my feet wasn’t a wonderful idea. I pictured myself doing a Mexican Hat Dance while my feet tried to find a comfortable place in the sox. But the fingering yarn is so soft and comforting that i might just think again about knitting sox.

  3. 3

    Eve says

    I started out really well.
    1. finished my “natural blue” socks
    2. started and finished my “natural earth” socks
    3. started and finished DH’s (huge) hunting socks
    4. started and finished my pink cashmere and mint green (wool bought in Italy) socks

    Then life, pain, and a bunch of doctors, got in my way.
    5. started my “rosewood” socks–#1 is 1/2 done
    6. started my “December Rose” socks–#1 was 2/3 done, but I ripped most of it out yesterday
    7. started my “Scandinavian pattern” socks–#1 is about 1/2 done

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    Julie says

    I started my first pair of socks this month. I have one purple sock completed and the second sock is ready to do the toe decreases. And, I wound into balls yarn for 5 pairs of socks. Many thanks, Judy, for your encouragement, help with obtaining an appropriate pattern, and the video link you sent me. I plan on finishing the second sock today and casting on the next sock.

  5. 5

    Linda says

    You sure do loose lots of stuff. Maybe your house is haunted! LOL
    After we moved into ours many, many years ago, an older neighbor lady told us it was haunted by a mischievous little boy who went to school in our house when it was a country schoolhouse. He liked to hide things from his schoolmates and as punishment the male schoolmaster made him stay quite late after school and he had to walk a couple miles home in a cold rain. As a result he came down with pneumonia & died. (Imagine what would happen to that teacher today!!!) As a result he haunts the building and still hides things, but only from men. My poor DH. At least he has a story to fall back on when he can’t find something.

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    ruth anne says

    I wish I wish I wish I had brought my knitting when we came here to visit our youngest unmarried son here in Va Beach. They have been watching sports (think marathon, with 2 tvs in his living room) and I forgot to bring my light so I could hand sew. So how have I been entertaining myself? Rereading all your blogs. When I get home I am going to try more bread making, and finish my pair of socks (one is almost complete)

  7. 7

    Denise says

    Well done Judy. I think Speck probably needed a nosewarmer or little stocking hat with the cooler weather coming so he stole the missing socks.

  8. 8


    I think I said I would finish up three “second” socks and start a new pair. Well…..
    1) I finished the second Brown striped sock,
    2) I finished the second RW&B striped sock,
    3) I finished the second orange striped Baby sock, and
    4) I started the second pastel striped sock.

    Didn’t start anything NEW. But I feel really good about getting three paris FINISHED.

    I”ve heard of someone using all their leftover yarn to make socks that don’t match..would I feel comfortable wearing a “pair” like that? I’m not sure.

    Meanwhile I try to make at least one pair of baby sox from each leftover. They come in handy for shower gifts. Then there is still yarn left!

  9. 9

    Trish says

    Well, everyone laughed at me, but I managed to get 3 socks made, all from different yarn! I’m going to go back and finish the pairs (they’re for Christmas gifts), but I have to finish the sleeve for my mom’s sweater (another Christmas gift) and put the sweater together before I finish the socks. I had the sweater pieces completely done, but had done my tubular cast-on done wrong (that’s what I get for not reading the directions again), so the whole thing unravelled when I pulled out my waste yarn! I won’t make THAT mistake again!

  10. 10


    No photos? Did you see the mystery sock pattern on Through the Loops? It’s a fun knit with very pretty results. I plan to make it again even!